10 most reliable 10-year old cars, loved by owners and experts

Choosing a new car, everyone tries to learn about it as much as possible, so he is interested in the reviews of other car owners, expert recommendations and discussions on thematic forums. However, the information is spread both by proven sources and by the creators of the so-called “folk wisdom” and myths. And to form a constructive idea of this or that car is not so easy as it seems.

Now let’s take a direct look at our top 10 most reliable 10-year-old cars that have received the highest ratings among owners and auto experts.

Toyota Prius

The legendary Japanese car was developed exclusively at Toyota’s facilities, so it epitomizes the manufacturer’s best traits not only in terms of breakdown resistance, but also in fuel economy and repair costs. The automaker’s engineers were able to get a balanced combination of price and quality, while keeping consumption and environmental friendliness in check.

Toyota Prius has a reputation as the most common car with a hybrid powertrain, which combines the impeccable power of an internal combustion engine with the economy of an electric motor. All the superiority of this model lies in the peculiarities of the unit operation. There is absolutely no idling, so when driving in traffic jams only the electric motor is included.

Volkswagen Golf

The German legend needs no additional introduction, as it is one of the best-selling cars of all time. From its market launch in 1974 until today, the Volkswagen Golf has been in high demand because it is almost perfect in every way.

The model impresses with its impeccable build quality and wear-resistant parts. And some series of its engines often find themselves in the top of the most durable power units of “millionths”. When buying this car, the driver for a long time forgets about the various problems encountered by the owners of other cars in this price segment, and goes to the service station only for maintenance and replacement of consumables.

Toyota Corolla

Another legendary representative of the Japanese car industry, Toyota Corolla is in demand among Russian motorists for obvious reasons. Firstly it has an excellent reputation in severe climate, secondly it is affordable, and thirdly it goes through several hundred thousand kilometers without malfunctions. Also the car is unpretentious to the quality of road surfaces and fuel.

There is a simple but very reliable and breakdown-resistant power unit on board the model, which is able to cope with the enormous loads in critical conditions. Therefore, it is not surprising why the car has long been a leader in the selections of the most reliable 10-year-olds.

Honda Civic

In the case of this car, its electronic part and onboard equipment is particularly reliable. According to car owners’ reviews, the devices and systems inside the Honda Civic start to malfunction very rarely, and only through the fault of the owner. In addition, the lineup is constantly updated externally, and even 10-year-old samples look quite presentable and bright, which also allows them to surpass the mass of other budget models.

In terms of technical equipment to the model there are no complaints. Reliable components are installed on board, adapted to difficult operating conditions, and the engine lineup is distinguished by a high quality of assembly and resistance to breakdowns.

Toyota RAV4

Like the other heroes of our Toyota brand rankings, this crossover deserves special respect for its reliability and fault tolerance. Exemplars 10 years old are very popular in the market, as they have a rich history of operation in harsh conditions, and both within the city limits and off-road.

According to owners’ reviews, the series has a durable suspension, made to the conscience, as well as a respectable engine. With proper care and timely maintenance, it runs smoothly for many years, which can not fail.

Mazda 3

Representatives of the Mazda lineup are considered legendary in the car market because of their impeccable assembly and reliability. The popular “three” – is not an exception. It occupies a leading position in many ratings, offering a nice design of the body and interior, as well as a democratic cost, which is several times lower than expected.

The series is also famous for its excellent quality electronic equipment and the durability of its powertrain, which is able to work correctly with low-quality fuel. Therefore, picking up a 10-year-old used sample, you can be sure that the purchase will justify itself.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

This car belongs to the “comfort” class, combining elegant style, solid build and rich equipment. At the same time its cost is significantly lower than the price tags of “older” ranges or competitors. If you have a desire to become the owner of a real Mercedes, but it is better to start with the C-Class.

Externally the car looks presentable and remains relevant even after 10-15 years. Its power units do not cause complaints in terms of reliability and even after many years work not worse than new ones.

Porsche Panamera

Next we will talk about the top sports car of German assembly, which, taking into account its phenomenal characteristics and design, is not available for purchase to the average motorist. Nevertheless, the model boasts outstanding reliability and resistance to heavy loads, allowing for an incredible driving experience. When developing the Porsche Panamera, the German manufacturer invested in it the best technologies and developments, so the result is obvious.

Audi A6

The legendary Audi A6 has long been at the top of the most reliable used cars. In the course of its long history on the market the car has repeatedly proved its quality and unpretentiousness. It combines such features as the highest level of comfort and safety, stylish design and rich equipment. Thus the cost of 10-year old car remains accessible to an average average average man.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Completing our rating is the top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which, regardless of the year of manufacture and configuration, offers uncompromising quality and reliability.

Developing this model, the German manufacturer put into it maximum possibilities that allowed creating a legend with stunning design, “million-strong” engines and an impressive set of comfort and safety options.

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