10 popular crossovers that drivers have almost no problem with

Crossovers are very popular with motorists, which is due to their increased cross-country capability, optimal capacity and an acceptable level of comfort. Of course, they can not compete with full-fledged frame SUVs, but in general do a good job, providing high ground clearance and high seating. We’ve compiled a ranking of the best crossovers that drivers have little trouble with.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (2017-2021)

The Japanese Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (2017-2021) opens the top of the best crossovers in terms of reliability and breakdown resistance. In two years of ownership, motorists have not encountered any breakdowns.

Hyundai Creta

The next place belongs to the model of the Korean production Hyundai Creta. The car is famous for its high cross-country ability and maneuverability. It also demonstrates excellent stability both on a smooth road, and in rough terrain or partial off-roading.

Among the main advantages of the model, which are mentioned by the owners, we can highlight:

  • optimal price to quality ratio;
  • rich equipment;
  • excellent interior capacity;
  • durability of the body;
  • reliable electronic components;
  • unpretentiousness to fuel quality.

However, some buyers miss the package with a diesel engine, as well as the room in the luggage compartment. They also have complaints about the suspension and noise insulation.

BMW X1 (2015-2022)

According to surveys, only 2% of owners of the crossover BMW X1 2015-2022 year of production have asked for help at auto service stations. In each case, the repair costs were covered by the company as part of the warranty obligations.

Experts note that such results are a direct proof of the high level of reliability of the car. And even with any failures in electronic systems or problems with the batteries the cars remained on the run, and in most cases they could be taken out of the service less than a day after delivery.

Kia Sportage

The South Korean crossover changed generation in 2022, becoming similar to a station wagon.

Regardless of operating conditions (city streets or hard dirt track), the car can compete with almost anyone. This is due to the reliable 2.0-liter or 2.4-liter gasoline engines, which generate 150 and 184 horsepower. They come with fail-safe manual or automatic transmissions.

The positive qualities of the Kia Sportage, in addition to quality engines and reliable electronics, include:

  • extended on-board equipment: the model is equipped with all kinds of electronic helpers and assistants, a full set of airbags, electric windows, air conditioning and other options;
  • roomy interior and trunk up to 491 liters, making the car an ideal acquisition for a big family;
  • galvanized body made of durable materials, which is resistant to corrosion or mechanical damage;
  • absence of serious problems with the engine during operation.

Only 12% of respondents had complaints about the Korean-made crossover with a gasoline engine. They were usually related to powertrains, transmission and brakes.

Lexus UX (2019 – current)

The fifth line in the ranking is another “Japanese,” which received a hybrid powertrain. Only 3% of the respondents had problems with this car. Usually they touched the electronic components. At the same time all the problems were repaired free of charge within the warranty, and it took no more than 1 week to solve them.

Kia Niro (2016-2022)

Among family crossovers, the Kia Niro (2016-2022) caused owners the least problems. We are talking about a hybrid car that has gained particular popularity in the local market and far beyond.

In terms of resistance to breakdowns, only 7% of all respondents reported that they had experienced malfunctions. At the same time, they were not critical or very serious, and were usually attributed to air conditioning and battery malfunctions.

BMW X2 (2018 – current)

In the UK, it is in great demand, in particular because of its reliability and lack of serious problems during operation.

For example, only 6% of owners of this model sought help from service centers due to the detection of breakdowns. And all of them affected only the exhaust system. It took no more than one week to fix the problems, and all the work was carried out under warranty.

Hyundai Tucson (2015-2020)

The eighth place in the rating of reliable crossovers, which almost do not cause problems to their owners, took Hyundai Tucson (2015-2020).

Only 10% of car owners have faced problems over the years. Usually they affected the engine and the exhaust system. In 91% of cases, the repair measures were covered by the warranty.

Audi Q3 (2011-2018)

Another worthy option among the reliable crossovers is the German car Audi Q3 (2011-2018). Over the past two years, only 11% of drivers have complained about the problems with this model. We are talking about partial malfunctions in the power unit, as well as claims to the body and interior decoration.

There are also issues with the electronic components and the infotainment system. The key disadvantage is that in the vast majority of cases, the car had to be taken to a workshop by tow truck. True, the repair was covered by a warranty from the German concern.

Skoda Karoq (2017 – present)

In the model range of the Czech company, diesel crossovers are considered the most reliable (about 17% of complaints), while gasoline cars collected 22% of claims.

But experts noted that the repair of models with a gasoline engine requires less time and effort, and in the vast majority of cases it was performed free of charge under the warranty.

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