10 ways to protect your car from theft and make it unavailable for thieves

The skills of car thieves are only getting better every year. Attackers are becoming more resourceful and accurate as they have to hack into complex electronic systems and security features. The characteristics of the modern carjacker change with the development of the automobile industry. Nevertheless, there are proven methods that will keep your car safe from theft and other criminal activities.

Manual transmission

Strangely enough, cars with manual transmissions are 50% less likely to be stolen than models with automatic transmissions. This is confirmed by the official statistics of the law enforcement agencies.

Just 10 years before that, almost all cars stolen had manual transmission. But against the backdrop of technological advances, the situation has changed globally. The majority of vehicles which were stolen in recent years, had an automatic transmission, as the lion’s share of foreign automobiles is equipped with such a transmission. The more so if to speak about large megapolises and densely populated cities, where models of domestic brands were long ago superseded by foreign cars. That is why malefactors pay more attention to cars with automatic transmission.

If you are not paying much attention to the gearbox type while choosing a new or used car, pay attention to the vehicles with the “manual gearbox”. In this case, the risk of theft will be reduced by up to 50%.

Engine lock button

Many cars produced in the last 5-10 years have keyless engine start with a special key, which considerably simplifies the task for hijackers. With professional equipment to deactivate the alarm, the criminal will be able to start the car in a few seconds.

Responsible motorists equip their “iron horse” with additional security complexes. But they are not particularly effective, since they work on a similar principle to the factory alarm system. In order to disable such a system, it is necessary to use special electronic devices.

In order to reduce the probability of theft of the vehicle, you can equip it with a hidden key for locking the engine. If you try to hack the alarm system, the thieves will not be able to find the location of this button and are likely to go in search of more easily accessible “prey”.

Steering wheel lock

Another effective way to protect your car from theft is to install the steering wheel lock. Many car owners have already forgotten about such an effective device because of aesthetic reasons and questionable reliability. Nevertheless, the steering wheel lock is quite a good alternative for more expensive security systems, as it plays the role of deterrent, creating a number of inconveniences for an intruder.

Since such protection mechanisms are out of common use, faced with them in real life, the car thieves will abandon their plans and go in search of another car without such a device.

According to the experts, the presence of the steering wheel lock reduces the risk of theft by 35%.

Parking the car in a well-lit parking lot

Line up of various types of used cars for sale on a motor dealers forecourt all marques removed

It is commonly believed that experienced criminals can steal a car anywhere. However, statistics show that most thefts occur in dark and sparsely-lit areas.

By parking your car near a house with good lighting or in a paid parking lot, you reduce the chance of your vehicle being stolen. Also keep in mind that if the windows of the apartment building face the parking lot, this will stop the thieves.

Don’t forget that criminals are looking for the most vulnerable “prey,” so they will pay attention to a car in a sparsely populated and dark area.


It is not uncommon for motorists to leave valuables, bags, briefcases, boxes with home appliances, etc. in the cabin of a car. As a result, it often becomes the cause of theft of these items, as well as theft of the car itself.

Experts point out that the vast majority of car thefts occur after the discovery of any items of material value inside the car. It is a psychological moment, which many intruders are guided by.

Therefore, in order not to become a victim of such an incident and at least reduce the risk of theft of the vehicle, never leave important items in plain sight, which can entice criminals.

Flickering LED and warning stickers

Even an inexpensive sticker warning of a car alarm system can stop car thieves and act as a deterrent. In the course of investigations of car thefts, international experts have concluded that the warning sticker on the windshield is effective in protecting the car from criminal acts. In this case the psychological factor works.

An identical result is provided by the flickering LED in the cabin. Even if the car thief has professional equipment for hacking the alarm system, most likely, he will refuse such complex manipulations and try to find a more affordable option.

You can purchase warning stickers at any auto parts store or online. Even if you don’t own an expensive security system, you can use a warning sticker to throw off criminals.

Vehicle Condition

Many car owners mistakenly believe that intruders favor clean and well-maintained vehicles that are in good condition. But this myth has been shattered because in most cases, criminals pay attention to those cars where the owner’s irresponsibility is clearly visible.

Car thieves have an unconventional mindset. And if after a visual inspection of the car, they determine that no one takes care of it, it is likely to be a reason to believe that there is no sophisticated alarm system inside. Therefore, it is recommended to monitor the condition of the car and in time to take measures in case of wear and tear of the paint coating, wheel rims, etc.

Paid parking with 24-hour security

The 99% of car thefts occur on the streets and in unguarded parking lots. The number of car thefts from paid parking lots is kept to a minimum. By buying or renting a space in such a facility, you reduce the likelihood of criminal activity against your car by 90%, especially at night.

Some abandon this approach in order to save money, putting their personal car at risk. Do not forget that in most cases the cars to be stolen are old and unmaintained ones in order to take them apart for parts.



Although your own garage is inferior to a secured parking lot in terms of efficiency in protecting your car from theft, it is still a very effective way to avoid such an unpleasant accident. It is not cheap to build or buy a garage, but it is a worthwhile investment.

If you can’t buy or build a garage, use a rental service. In any case, buying or building a garage is not only a way to protect your car from theft, but also an investment in real estate. Every year the cost of such structures is increasing rapidly due to the scarcity of construction sites in large cities and the demand.

Keeping keys in an inside pocket

Another important point is the storage of keys. Never leave them in a briefcase, bag or other places easily accessible to criminals. If you do, you can reduce the risk of auto theft by 50%. Be extremely vigilant when in shopping malls, markets and other public places.

A common method of theft is stealing car keys. Seeing an interesting “victim”, the intruder will try to get the keys in order to steal it from the parking lot without much trouble.

Many modern car keys are equipped with an electronic chip that removes the lock from the power unit. On such a device provides keys to open and close the central locking. Therefore, you need to take special care of the keys and prevent them from being stolen.

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