11 mistakes on the road that piss off other drivers

Road traffic involves many risks. But the situation is exacerbated by the inadequacy of some drivers. Whether out of inexperience, or out of a lack of concern for others, they behave as if they were “masters”. Not only do they disturb others, but often provoke traffic accidents. We have collected the most widespread situations, which annoy the other drivers. If you recognize yourself in them, draw conclusions.

Inability to park

If there is no parallel parking skills, the driver will constantly annoy and interfere with others. Angry not only slow maneuvers and wrongly occupied place. It is much more annoying that the unskilled scratch and damage the neighboring cars.

What to do? If parking is your weak spot, you need to start fixing the gap. Take extra lessons at the driving school or practice on the vacant lot until you master the wisdom of parallel parking.


It doesn’t matter, overtaking was deliberate or accidental. In any case it is not only bad manners. First of all, it is a serious threat to other participants of movement. Even if the accident happened without it, the cut-off driver may get upset for a long time. Experienced stress will turn into a strong nervousness, which badly affects attention.

What to do? Before making a maneuver, always check the distance in the mirror, and especially carefully the “blind” zones. Violation of the rules may cost you and those around you dearly.

Talking on the phone

Statistically, this is the second cause of accidents. Any dialog on a cell phone distracts from the road. The driver needs to keep track not only of the traffic, but also of the thread of the conversation. It is very difficult to do this at the same time. Which means the driver’s attention span and reaction speed will decrease. Even worse is reading sms, and even more so, answering them.

What to do? You are unlikely to affect others, but you can try not to make such mistakes. Stop using your cell phone while driving. Especially since it is punishable by a fine.

Standing at a green traffic light

Few people are able to maintain stamina when seeing a stationary car in front of a green light. Especially in a traffic jam. Even slow movement from a place is annoying. And if you got a traffic light with a short switching period, you can even become embittered.

What to do? Stopped at a red light, do not relax. Continue to pay close attention to the signals, so as not to miss the permission to move. Confusion not only annoys people, but also provokes traffic jams.

Driving fast in bad weather

When conditions are unfavorable, it’s difficult to follow the rules of the road. You have to slow down or increase your distance for safety. But there are drivers who prefer to ignore the ice or water on the road and drive as if there is a smooth dry asphalt under the wheels. Even without violating anything, they cause a legitimate danger and irritation. After all, in such a manner of driving they create the risk of an accident, setting up other road users.

What to do? Be sure to correct for the bad weather. Slow down the car and stay away from other cars. And if there is time, you can pull over to the side of the road and wait for more favorable conditions.

Bulky Loads

Wanting to save money, some drivers transport goods that do not match the dimensions of the car. Most often it is boards, large household appliances, mattresses, etc. The drivers behind them have to think how to drive around the dangerous neighbor. And thus, on nerves can make a mistake when overtaking.

What to do? Do not expose others to unnecessary risk – use the services of carriers. Then you will not inconvenience neither yourself, nor others.

Turn signals not switched on

Turn on the light before you turn or change lanes – it’s not only polite on the road, but also a requirement of the traffic rules. Drivers who do not consider it necessary to warn others of their intentions greatly complicate the situation on the road. According to statistics, tens of thousands of accidents happen in the country because of turned off turn signals.

What to do? Do not forget about the rules of the road. Always think through your actions beforehand, to have time to turn on the signal before overtaking or changing lanes.

High beam

Few people like it when a car next to them is driving with full beam. It’s even worse, if it happens on oncoming traffic. The driver covers his eyes with a palm, tries to dodge the blinding light. Maneuvers distract from the road, reduce attention.

What to do? Remember that the high beam is designed for night time on unlit roads and highways. Always check whether the lights are off. And when driving with high beam, don’t forget to switch to low beam when oncoming cars appear.

Low speed driving in the left lane

Such drivers are commonly referred to as nauseating drivers. Slowly moving a car in the left lane irritates with the turtle speed, because the lane is designed for high speeds and overtaking. A leisurely driver not only makes you nervous, but also disturbs you. The result is conflicts, showdowns, and even accidents.

What to do? Do not forget that the left lane according to traffic rules should be used for overtaking. After overtaking you must always return to your lane. And if you had to drive in it, you must respect the speed limit.

Not cleaned snow on the car

Every driver has happened at least once in his life to see cars with a snowdrift on the roof. You have to keep away from them: the snow obstructs the view, narrows the boundaries of visibility. And it is a serious risk factor on winter roads. In addition, there is a probability that the snow will fly on the road and create an additional problem.

What to do? Keep a longer distance. And prevent yourself from doing such a thing. Always clear the snow and ice so as not to interfere with other road users.

Failure to maintain a distance

Each driver is annoyed when a tail is behind the car. Most often the automobile hooligans or owners of dimensional cars push up. Another category – the beginners, who due to inexperience poorly calculate the safe distance.

What to do? You should not brake so hard. Try to give way. Or stop on the side of the road to skip the sticker.

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