12 hidden car features that can make life a lot easier for the driver

Modern cars are literally stuffed with technical solutions and functions designed to facilitate the operation of the vehicle, to keep the driver and passengers safe while driving or parking. Some of these technical solutions are actively used, but some of these functions are so “secret”, that car owners simply don’t know about their existence. So, let’s consider useful hidden technical features of a car.

Automatic door locking

How it works: if you hold the button of door locking in the pressed position for two-three seconds up to a sound signal, then the central locking will act automatically at beginning of movement. The system will beep and the locks will lock themselves.

Why: This function is very useful. It keeps you safe from car thieves who may want to steal your belongings left on the back seat. Usually, burglars get into trouble at traffic lights. This technical solution will not allow them to open the back door of your car. This way, the driver does not have to worry about the safety of his property.

Electrochromic saloon mirror

How it works: If the body of the mirror, located in the cabin of your car, has a LED installed, it means it is electrochromic. To turn on or off the located in the design of photosensors have to use the button on the body of the mirror, holding it for 4-5 seconds.

There are two indicators in the device:

  • forward-facing, which measures the brightness of the surroundings;
  • directed backwards – measures saturation of reflected light.

When this function is activated, the mirror automatically darkens if necessary.

Why: The electrochromic cabin mirror is designed to dim the reflected light and prevent the driver from being blinded by the headlights of the car, which is moving behind. Statistics show that dazzle is the most common cause of serious traffic accidents in the dark.

If you have a regular mirror, not an electrochromic one, pull the lever on the bottom to change the angle. This, too, will help prevent dazzling.

Rear door lock

How it works: open the door and locate the special device on the side of the locking mechanism. Move its tab to the “Lock” position. The passenger in the rear seat is then unable to open the door from inside.

Why: If there is a child in the back seat of the vehicle, the door locking function prevents him or her from jumping out onto the roadway while the vehicle is in motion, either through play or by accident. The locked doors will only open from the outside. This way, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your children while driving.

Why: If there is a child in the back seat of the car, the door locking function will prevent the child from jumping out onto the roadway while driving, either through play or negligence. The locked doors will only open from the outside. This way, you won’t have to worry about child safety when driving the car.

Loudspeaker analog

How it works: you can set up the multimedia system with a function similar to a loudspeaker.

Why: This technical feature is usually implemented in multi-passenger commercial vans. With its help, the driver can clearly hear the words spoken by any passenger, even those in the third row.

Shift Lock

How it works: Pressing the Shift Lock button next to the automatic transmission selector with the engine switched off takes the selector from one mode to another, e.g. Drive to Neutral.

Why: The shift lock is necessary if there is a malfunction in the engine or gearbox. This function will help if it is necessary to tow a car that has been damaged in an accident.

Disabling Front Passenger Airbag

How it works: The front passenger’s Airbag is deactivated by a button located on the side panel of the bulkhead. To get to it, you need to open the door.

Why: The inclusion of safety mode is necessary if the front seat passenger is a woman “in the position” or a child under the age of 12 (necessarily in a child car seat). Airbag shoots up to 300 km/h! Because of this, the passengers of the above categories can be affected.

L mode on a variable speed gearbox

How it works: variators do not have a lower gear, but when you switch to L mode, the transmission begins to operate at reduced speeds.

What for: by “playing” with the cones, which results in holding the revs, the car moves confidently on rough, broken roads.

Belt height adjustment

How it works: there is a special button on the side of the car interior to adjust the belts. Press it, move the mount to the desired location and release the lock button.

Why: The normal seatbelt height is not good for tall or short people. The belt must run through the middle of the shoulder. If it presses on the neck or descends, then in an accident this is fraught with sad consequences: a person can be severely injured.

Turning the sun visor

How it works: turn the sun visor to 90 degrees, disconnect one side from the lock and set it in the desired position.

What for: In summer the sun blinds the driver not only directly, but also on the right and left. Turning the sun visor allows you to protect yourself from the rays, no matter which side they fall from. It’s a good alternative to sunglasses, especially since not everyone likes to use them.

Turning on parking lights

How it works: If you are stopped in a poorly lit area, turn off the engine and lower the turn signal lever. Depending on which side of the road you are facing, choose right or left lever.

Why: If you are standing by the side of the road in the dark, other drivers may not see your car and accidentally scratch it. Turning on the parking lights on the side of the road will protect your vehicle from scratches. Parking lights are a good way to indicate a parked vehicle, reducing the likelihood of hitting it.

Locking rear power windows

How it works: there is a small button on the control panel next to the driver’s seat that controls the power windows. Press it, and then the rear windows are locked down and up.

Why: Children in the back of the car behave unpredictably. When they get bored, they begin to explore the interior of the car, and sometimes accidentally or deliberately lower the windows. It is not safe, the more so when lowering/raising the glass a child can pinch his fingers.

The elderly passengers also “sin” with this, who unknowingly start unnecessary functions at the moment. The blocking of electric windows makes it impossible for the rear passengers to lower or raise the windows at will.

Emergency braking with the electronic handbrake

How it works: you can use the electronic parking brake to quickly stop a vehicle that has lost communication between the brake pedal and the braking system. To do this, you have to press the handbrake button and hold it for quite a long time.

Why: Emergency braking with the handbrake avoids an accident. In the process, stop lights are activated, warning other road users of the intentions of the driver.

We have described the most common options for enabling hidden functions. They may work differently in your car. Study your car’s technical manual or search the Internet for useful tips and tricks.

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