13 rules a novice driver quickly forgets after getting his license

At the driving school, we remember all rules frantically. In fact the slightest deviation from them at exam delivery threatens with penalty points, and consequently – goodbye to the cherished license!

What happens after the driving license exam

But as soon as we receive the driving license, almost everything that we were taught in a driving school, falls out of our minds. As a result, some people begin to consider themselves as a driving ace who can’t feel anything, and others are afraid of this very wheel, can’t control the speed, feel insecure on the road and turn into “dummies”, who are persecuted by the other participants of road traffic.

And meanwhile, the rules (and here we mean not only traffic rules) to forget in any case, because on the road it can be very expensive.

According to the statistics, 99 % of accidents are caused by drivers. Many of them are the beginners. When an instructor sits in the neighboring seat and controls your actions, you relax and lose the sense of danger. Then, when you start driving on your own, you rely on the instruments, as there are plenty of them in modern cars.

But a driver should feel the car himself. Only practice will help you to do it. And, of course, you should not neglect the rules. They will not only save you from the penalty, but also save you in critical situations.

Here are some important rules which motorists forget about after passing exams in a driving school and getting driving license.

Get in the wrong seat!

Proper, comfortable seating is the key to driving safety. How to adjust it:

  • Sit not too close to the steering wheel and not too far away from it, do not collapse like at home in a chair, the rim of the steering wheel should be directed to the chest area;
  • With the clutch or brake fully depressed, your left leg should be slightly bent at the knee;
  • Adjust your rearview mirrors so that the horizon line is approximately centered. You should be able to see the edge of your car’s bodywork in the mirror.

Where are your hands?

Naturally, the driver’s hands should be on the steering wheel. But how to hold the steering wheel correctly? Have you forgotten? That’s why some motorists’ hands slip to the bottom of the steering wheel. And someone generally holds the steering wheel with one right hand while his left hand rests peacefully on the open window or while typing a text message on a smartphone.

What’s with the honking?

Beeping is strictly regulated in the traffic code. In the city you can honk in case of emergency to prevent an accident, and outside the city – also to warn of overtaking. That is all! If you honk to a wedding cortege, greeting an acquaintance, or expressing indignation at the actions of the neighboring “jerk”, you will get a fine. Oh, how unexpected!

Incorrect parking!

Hardly anyone, even experienced drivers, remembers the signs, regulating the position of the car relative to the sidewalk while parking. Otherwise, do not be surprised if you are fined.

The stop sign is not a toy!

The stop sign is a very important element, which requires special attention. It is installed not in any place, but in the places of high danger. A stop line usually neighbors with this sign. You need to stop before it (or before the edge of the crossed carriageway), wait a few seconds, look around, make sure there are no obstacles and only then drive on.

The traffic regulations do not specify the amount of time you need to freeze in front of the sign. But the experts advise to stop for at least three seconds. The tracking equipment will have time to record the rules observance during this time. And the driver has time to react to a colleague or a pedestrian, suddenly crossing the road.

Incorrectly you lane!

When shifting it is not enough to switch on turn signals – it is necessary to be convinced, that your maneuver does not interfere with other traffic participants. Situations when two automobiles re-structure are not uncommon on roads. And here the one or the other has a priority. If you lane, you must yield to the one who began to lane earlier.

Let the pedestrian through!

Until recently, there was no rule about letting the pedestrian cross the street at an unregulated pedestrian crossing. It was a matter of who had time! But now there is such a rule, and it must be followed for the safety of the road user without a vehicle. According to the rules, if a pedestrian has just stepped on the zebra, the cars coming along must stop. And it does not matter that you are driving in the leftmost lane and have time to pass the crossing before the pedestrian approaches your car!

Remember what would have happened if you had neglected this rule when taking your driving test? Then you would be the pedestrian yourself!

Lord of the Rings

Circle traffic raises a lot of questions. Driving in the circle is regulated by the rules. We remember them only before passing the exam, and then forget and drive the rings as we want. But you have to turn on turns, drive on a certain part of a circle, etc. If you forget, then open the traffic rules and read!

Why not buckled up?

Don’t expect this question from a traffic police officer. Buckle up always and get your passengers used to it. Wearing a seat belt before driving should be automatic. It is not for nothing that the word “safety” is in the name of this element. The belt really saves a life during an accident.

Start the engine in neutral

If you have a car with a manual transmission, you should start the engine in neutral. If you don’t shift into neutral, the car will “jump” forward sharply, could crash into another vehicle, and your trip will be over before it even begins. So always check neutral and start the engine with the clutch depressed.

If you have a car with an automatic transmission, start the engine in “park” mode. It will protect you from unpleasant surprises.

It is necessary to mention about driving on a handbrake in the same point. When parked for a long time, the car is fixed by the handbrake. And it is correct! But you should not forget to take the car off the handbrake when you start driving. It is typical “failure in memory” of many beginners. And therefore, dear motorists, look at the warning light on the dashboard.

When taking the car off the handbrake, do it to the end. There are times when the driver has not unlocked the parking brake, but only released it a little. The brake is applied with a few clicks. Make sure you release it completely before you start driving.

Don’t Drive!

Getting a license does not automatically make a driver an ace, even if he was lucky enough to own a sports car. Only experienced drivers can control the car at high speed. Therefore, you should not gain speed up your “iron horse” to the maximum speed at once. It concerns driving on the highway (though, there are some restrictions).

Do not forget about safety! Signs are installed for a reason. It is especially important to respect the speed limit in the yards, residential areas, near children’s institutions.

Observe the distance!

According to experts, the distance should be 2/3 of the body. This value is also applicable to the lateral interval. It is clear that in mega-cities, in conditions of traffic jams, the cars press to each other to the distance of a five-ruble coin, that’s why they beat each other on an equal place. But there is no other way!

Acceleration, braking, gear shifting

Proper acceleration, braking and gear shifting come with experience. New drivers often “don’t understand” their own car, because they were taught at the driving school on other cars. Therefore, they change gears too early, brake too early or too late, drive with uncoupled clutch.

For the decision of these problems it is necessary to take additional lessons at the auto-instructor, but already on own car.

If you recognized yourself in the items listed above, you should reconsider your driving skills and get rid of bad habits. Let your driving be exciting, if not stressful! As smart people say, it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.

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