13 rules to help a car go a million miles

Before buying a used car, every driver will definitely look at the mileage, considering this parameter one of the most important when choosing a vehicle. Some buyers consider normal mileage up to 300 thousand kilometers, for others 150 thousand already seems to be too weighty a figure on the odometer.

But what about mileage of one and a half, three, or even five million kilometers? Is it unreal? Actually, these figures are just the current records of car drivers from different countries of the world. At the same time among real “millionaires” there are such examples, which even at a stretch cannot pretend to such a high-profile title, for example, Hundai Elantra or Cherry Tiggo4.

So how to make a modern car drive at least one million kilometers without any problems?

7 rules of operation

Today millionth kilometers do not surprise only the drivers of truckers. Today let’s set a goal to drive up to one million kilometers in an ordinary car, and see what it takes.

How to do it in practice? It’s simple:

  1. It is important to give the engine revs. Average engine RPMs of 3,000 to 4,500 per minute guarantee the best possible lubrication of the cylinders and virtually no natural wear and tear.
  2. Millions don’t come easy. You have to find out the exact chemical composition of gasoline at every gas station in town (chemical analysis to help you) and from that moment fill up only at gas stations with the highest quality fuel.
  3. On long trips it would be a good idea to make a map of stops at proven gas stations (feedback from dissatisfied customers has not been canceled), to avoid the possibility of refueling with bad fuel.
  4. Carefully avoid deep potholes and bumps, be careful driving, avoid accidents. The less often the car is exposed to critical loads, the more likely it will reach its first million.
  5. But also you should not exploit your car too carefully. If you have to drive often on rough roads, do it at a speed comfortable for you. Believe me – so you will have to repair the running gear much more seldom, and this is the pledge of the fact that the car will not break down somewhere halfway to the intended goal.
  6. If possible, make sure that nobody else drives your car, except you. If finances allow, it is better to buy separate cars for the other family members. Single-owner cars have much higher mileage than cars with two or three owners at the same time.
  7. It is not recommended to overheat the engine, because it leads to the increased wear and tear of not only the power unit, but also of the car electrics. If you are not yet familiar with the phenomenon of battery overcharging, it occurs for this reason in particular. The main danger of such phenomenon is melting of wires. And the car with bad wiring has much less chances to reach even the half of the specified kilometer.

Few people know that any, even the Chinese car can be made to go a long time, not stopping for frequent repairing works and making a couple of overhauls maximum up to its first million. One of the important things, besides operation, is proper maintenance of the vehicle.

Six rules of maintenance

It would be more correct to begin proper vehicle maintenance with a thorough review of the vehicle’s owner’s manual and service manual.

For example, if the manufacturer has specified that your car requires 92 gasoline, you shouldn’t force 95 gasoline into it, and vice versa. Ignoring such points will lead to the fact that it will drive much less kilometers before the first overhaul, and the more they will be, the less chance to set a record.

The same applies to the recommended brands of machine oils, the frequency of replacement of individual parts, tightening the bolt joints and so on.

If you follow all the manufacturer’s instructions on time and even more often, it will not be so difficult to reach a million kilometers:

  1. If you’ve set yourself the goal of getting to a million, it’s time to forget about changing the oil every 10,000 kilometers. The ideal interval between changes of fuels and lubricants would be 5000 km.
  1. Oil quality should be as high as possible. You have to learn to expertly distinguish original oils from fakes, and to shell out money for premium varieties of well-known brands.
  2. Do not spare money for spark plugs, buy only the best ones and change them every 30-40 thousand km. It makes no sense to change more often – with good spark plugs for such a period of time nothing will happen to the engine, and the wear of the threads will be much less.
  1. Don’t skip the annual service, even when the car is out of warranty. Yes, each subsequent service will be more expensive, but it’s the only way to keep your car running between major engine, transmission and chassis repairs.
  2. If your car runs tens of thousands of miles per month, be kind enough to stop by the authorized dealer’s service more often than regular drivers do. Sometimes replacing even one worn part can save an entire car from critical wear and tear that could once again be fatal to your car.

  • You should agree that it would be foolish to keep the power train, transmission and other vital components in a perfect condition and throw your car in the trash just because it is completely corroded. If you want to drive your car for a really long time, take care of a full-blown underbody and body rust protection.

Drivers of cars with millions of miles claim they haven’t done anything special with their car.

True, some of these record-breakers visited the centers of official dealers almost every week!

Otherwise, they just strictly followed all the manufacturer’s requirements, used original consumables for replacement of worn-out parts and tried to have the same technician, who, knowing the technical features of a certain car, could perform its diagnostics and repair in the best possible way, for the entire period of its service.

For reference – some manufacturers (for example, Volvo) have a tradition of rewarding the next winner of millionth car records of their brand with new cars, so to strive for a million sometimes may even be good for your own wallet.

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