15 best gifts for the motorist – inexpensive, but very necessary

Many motorists are so much in love with their cars that their whole life seems to revolve around them. In this regard, choosing a gift for a car owner is both easy and difficult. Simple because the car enthusiast always needs something: accessories, accessories, useful little things, topical things at a higher price and not only. And it is difficult because the choice is huge, and it is difficult to orient.


These items have a tendency to wear out. Therefore, if you choose as a gift a set of mats in the car, then you will not go wrong. Car mats can be tufted and rubber.

The pile mats are absorbent. They keep your car’s interior dry and clean in slushy weather, when mud is dragged inside on your shoes.

Rubber mats are an alternative to pile mats. Such products also provide interior’s protection from mud and water. They are cheaper and more unpretentious in operation, and easier to care for.

There are also mats made of polyurethane. They are made in the form of a trough, which collects water and dirt. Such devices protect the floor of the car from corrosion.

But mats are laid not only under the feet. A good choice is a mat for the trunk. It will protect the trunk lining in case something accidentally spills when transporting liquid products. Car mats can be selected for any brand.

Extreme driving courses

Such a gift will be useful not only for a beginner, but also for a driver with experience.

The driver will be taught to act correctly in critical road situations: how to twist the steering wheel, brake, etc. Though, you will have to pay extra money for such a present. Extreme driving courses now cost about 5,000 rubles for three hours of practice. But is it really a question of price if it helps to save a life?

Video recorder

This is a very useful thing, which is a must have every motorist. A video recorder captures everything that happens on the road. This can be useful in case of an accident in controversial situations.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Mats alone are not enough for a complete cleanliness of the interior. From time to time, it is necessary to clean the upholstery of the seats. A special car vacuum cleaner will help with this. It is relatively inexpensive, but a good alternative to a car wash.

Car vacuum cleaners come in different suction power and the number of nozzles. They can run from an electrical outlet or built-in battery. The compact size allows you to carry this unit with you all the time. When choosing a cordless auto vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the battery life and charging time. If you choose a corded model, working from the cigarette lighter, then look at the power consumption.


Car seat covers are never superfluous. In addition to the fact that they protect the cabin from dirt and wear the factory coating, also look presentable.

The most practical car covers are jacquard and leather. But genuine leather is very expensive, and a good alternative to it is a modern material – eco leather. These materials are breathable, hypoallergenic and water-resistant.

Organizer bag

This item will help keep your trunk in order. The car organizer is divided into sections for keeping everything you need:

  • first-aid kit;
  • tools;
  • documents;
  • personal belongings.

Any car owner will say thank you very much for such a gift, because now in the trunk of his car things will not roll from place to place, and finding the right thing will be much easier.

Cooler bag

This item will come in handy when traveling. The bag keeps food and drinks chilled for a day, and then needs to be recharged. This can be done through the cigarette lighter. There are cooler bags without recharging. Products in them are cooled by the cooling elements.

Driving glasses

If a person spends a lot of time behind the wheel, he has to constantly concentrate. This fatigues the eyes even with good vision. Driving glasses are an accessory with yellow or orange lenses. This color provides better contrast and reduces fatigue. Through such glasses objects seem clearer in the light and in the dark. And anti-reflective coating protects against headlight glare from oncoming traffic.

Cleaning kit

Rags and detergents are always needed! So why not present a set? These are great microfiber cloths that have excellent absorbent properties, as well as products for cleaning plastic, glass and leather. In general – complete cleaning is always at your fingertips.

Holder for your phone

In today’s world without mobile communications can not do. Especially they are needed on the road. But talking on the phone while driving, holding the device in your hand, is prohibited by law for safety reasons. This is where a car holder for your phone comes in handy. It will take a worthy place on the panel. Putting your cell phone on speakerphone allows you to talk without breaking the rules.

With a phone holder, you’ll always have your phone in front of you. You won’t have to look for it in the glove compartment, under the seat, in your pocket or purse. This allows you to fully focus on the road.


This is a universal gift! It is useful not only for car enthusiasts but for any man. Multitool is a multifunctional tool, made in the form factor of a small folding knife. It includes:

  • pliers;
  • screwdrivers;
  • scissors;
  • file;
  • awl;
  • can opener of all kinds;
  • a miniature saw;
  • other tools.

Such a set is needed for minor repairs. You never know what you might need on the road!

A set of hand tools

This is a more solid and expensive alternative to a multitool. Many men just love tools! If your fellow car lady is good at mechanics, you can present such a set to her as well.

It has everything you need for repairs:

  • keys;
  • screwdrivers;
  • extension cord;
  • handle;
  • ratchet;
  • sockets;
  • hexagon sockets;
  • other tools depending on the particular set.

You never know what kind of accident might happen on the road. And with this case, the driver will always be armed and ready for any trouble.


A flashlight with an electric battery is a useful, versatile and quite budgetary gift for a motorist. It is impossible to do without it, if you need to repair something in a hard-to-reach place. It will be useful in the woods at night if the motorist likes to relax in nature.

We do not recommend choosing the cheapest flashlight. More expensive models and look more aesthetic, and shine brighter and work longer. After all, it is very important that the flashlight does not fail at the most inopportune moment.

Folding shovel

If a motorist often goes out in winter, a shovel is just necessary. A shovel will be needed to dig the car out of a snowdrift in an open parking lot. Also this item is necessary for travelers.

It is best to give a folding shovel, so it can easily fit in the trunk. When choosing, pay attention to the strength of the handle and the quality of the blade.

Cordless starter

A rechargeable starter is a lithium-based Power Bank. It is compact, reliable and convenient, unlike the classic cigarette lighter cables. And with the problem of a discharged battery it copes no worse. The owner of such accessory does not need any helpers to start the car in the cold!

Give these things to car owners for birthdays, New Year, on any occasion, or even without occasion. This is much better than the banal socks or shaving foam. Some things are quite expensive, but there are also quite budget-friendly, but no less useful options. We hope that our tips will come in handy, and you will choose from the list of popular gifts exactly what your car-owner friend really needs.

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