15 things that are best not to carry in the heat in the car

Summer heat is a challenge not only for the driver. When the thermometer shows more than 30 degrees, the temperature in the cabin and trunk rises to 60-80. Many of the things you are used to keeping in your car can cause major trouble. What these items are, and why you can not carry in the car in the hot summer – in our material.

Gasoline canister

Many prudent drivers try to keep a reserve of fuel just in case. A commendable habit, but in the summer it is better to abandon it. Flammable liquid when heated can ignite. Therefore, it is better not to take risks.


What only does not happen in the trunks of men’s cars! The contents sometimes resemble a warehouse or a garage: all kinds of cleaners, different oils in cans, solvents, etc. And almost every container has a warning “Do not heat!”. But many drivers do not pay attention to the inscription, forgetting that the temperature in a closed trunk is many times higher than the street temperature. And in fact, cans under the influence of heat can detonate.


Experts do not advise to keep such liquids in the car. Even if they are in a glass package. There is always a risk that the bottle will break, or the contents will leak onto the upholstery. In terms of flammability, solvents are not inferior to gasoline, so the consequences can be the most deplorable.

Pepper cans

Many drivers keep a means of self-defense in the interior of the car. Meanwhile, aerosol gas is capable of detonating when heated. It’s one thing if it happened in a parking lot. It is much more dangerous if it exploded while driving in a dense stream. The driver may lose control from an unexpected pop, turn the steering wheel sharply or drive into the oncoming lane. As a result, an accident will occur.

To avoid exposing yourself to unnecessary risk, do not leave the can in a closed car. Even if you leave it for a couple of minutes. And while driving, make sure that the temperature in the passenger compartment does not reach dangerous levels.


The gas or gasoline they contain is a ticking time bomb. Flammable substances can ignite if the temperature in the passenger compartment or trunk reaches critical levels. If an explosion occurs, shrapnel from the lighter will injure anyone in the vehicle.

Video recorders

It is better not to leave the devices in a hot cabin. Sensitive electronics can be affected by high temperatures, so they will start to malfunction.

Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets

Heat is bad for any device with electronics. After lying in the sun for a couple hours, gadgets can start to malfunction, or even not turn on at all. But the worst thing is if they explode.

Payment cards

It is unlikely that anyone would keep bank cards in a car on purpose. Well, unless it can happen due to absent-mindedness. However, it should be remembered that plastic can soften and deform in the heat. It will be impossible to use such a card.


A hot car is not a suitable place for storing medical supplies. Pills, injections, ointments and other pharmacy drugs quickly spoil and become unusable. Therefore, you should find the coolest place in the car for your medicine cabinet.

Transparent glass and plastic bottles

Beverage containers left out in the sun can cause ruined cases. That’s at best. And at worst – provoke a fire. The fact is that the transparent material can serve as a lens.And then the rays will burn the plastic or upholstery.

But that’s not all. It is believed that plastic food containers and bottles are absolutely safe for the body. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that when heated, plastic releases bisphenol A – a substance that affects the hormonal system, as well as provoking cancer and diabetes. Therefore, when in the heat you drink from a plastic bottle that has been in the car for a long time, you are putting yourself at great risk. In the heat it is better to use thermoses and bottles made of stainless steel or opaque glass.


Any food and foodstuffs will begin to spoil after lying in a hot trunk or cabin. This means that they will have to be thrown away to avoid poisoning. And the car itself may suffer if a bloated package bursts or something greasy melts. Dirt, stains, persistent odor – all this will have to be dealt with.

Chocolate and candy

Such products quickly melt in the closed salon, turning into a sticky mess. Not only are sweets impossible to eat, but they can become so deeply embedded in the upholstery that dry cleaning is powerless.


Motorladies do not see anything shameful in keeping makeup and hair products on hand. But in summer it is better not to leave cosmetics in the car. First, it will spoil. Secondly, cans can explode, and creams and lipsticks – spread.


Drivers usually leave them on the panel, so that the accessory was always at hand. Meanwhile, direct sunlight destroys the plastic, making it brittle. In addition, it should be remembered that car windows intensify the effect of rays. Therefore, glasses can soften and deform.

Things after swimming or sports

If you leave a wet swimsuit or sweaty uniform in the car for a long time, an unpleasant odor will appear very quickly. And it will be quite difficult to deal with it. You will have to clean the upholstery and covers. And the clothes themselves may water and become moldy.

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