3 cars most often discarded by their owners

There is no such thing as a perfect car. However, it is difficult to blame the drivers that each of them wants to get such “swallow”, which will serve faithfully for many years. Alas, even among generally good and high-quality models fall cars that for one reason or another will not stay in one hands longer than a few years.

Skoda Yeti

Car, which on the one hand is liked by many domestic motorists… And on the other hand, it steadily enters the top-rankings in sales on the secondary market. Most often it is a car with DSG, although there are also cars on the “mechanics”. In general Skoda Yeti looks very decent, but the car has some serious problems. First of all it is corrosion. Sills, bottom, wheel arches, trunk and engine compartment suffer. The quality of trim materials in the passenger compartment is also questionable. The motorists also have some complaints about the reliability of the engine and transmission. The robotized gearbox has the biggest problems. The thermostat of the car is extremely capricious. It is definitely possible to praise Skoda Yeti. But, alas, there is a lot of repulsive in this model.

Hyundai ix35

At one time many domestic car owners preferred this car to models from KIA. Attractive appearance, rich equipment, spectacular design, quite powerful engine. As for gearboxes, there is a hydro-mechanical automatic and an old-fashioned mechanical gearbox. Why ix35 so often occurs in the secondary market? The basic problem consists in engines. They are not so reliable as it would be desirable. Even with only quality fuel, the mileage of 180-200 thousand km is a record. Also this model has problems with catalytic converters, which should be replaced every 40-80 thousand km.

Great Wall Hover

In general, Chinese compact SUV Great Wall Hover has established itself in the domestic market, occupying the niche of the competitor “Patriot”. Here you have a 2.4-liter 128-horsepower diesel engine, continuous rear axle, and hard-wheel drive. Presence of classical frame in contrast to the body also pleases. However, despite its numerous advantages, most owners don’t keep this Chinese beauty for more than a few years, and today on the secondary market one can find a lot of offers to sell Great Wall Hover.

Why is it so? In fact, everything is quite simple. Firstly, many Great Wall Hover has known problems with electronics: the wiring, units and sensors are still too sensitive. Secondly, there are problems with body rust. Third, domestic motorists still have some prejudice against the “Chinese”. And although in part they are quite fair, in general the GWH clearly deserves more. The technical part of the SUV is at a fairly high level.

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