3 most liquid crossovers from China that increase in price over time

It is known that as soon as a purchased new car leaves the salon, its price immediately drops by about 10%. Further, it continues to decline with each kilometer traveled and the period of operation.

Residual value is influenced by many factors: a set of convenient options in a car, its reliability, the price of a similar new model, the cost of insurance and maintenance, the availability of spare parts, the length of the warranty, brand reputation. In addition, the popularity of the model and the number of cars on the market have an indirect impact on the formation of data.

An analysis of residual value indicators helps experts navigate the development trends of both the primary and secondary automotive markets. The data obtained makes it possible to build long-term prospects in the sales of specific models, promote a certain brand and increase its authority.

And buyers have reliable information with which they can predict the price of the model they like in a few years. And also make the decision to buy a vehicle.

1st place – Changan CS35

According to the agency, the three-year crossover showed the best residual value in the 2nd quarter. As the experts found out, the rating of the car was 152.9%, which turned out to be higher than the previous periods. This means that three years after the purchase, the owner will be able to sell it for 1.5 times the original price.

High assessment of experts is easily explained. The crossover is actively supplied, it is one of the most popular models, which is proved by a stable position in various ratings.

In addition, the crossover has demonstrated excellent performance in terms of reliability and safety. The front-wheel drive car is equipped with a 117 hp engine, paired with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.

2nd place – Chery Tiggo 4

According to the agency, the model with a 2-liter engine and automatic transmission is the most popular. The 3-year crossover index in terms of residual value was almost 144%. And this means that the owner can recoup the funds spent in 2020, having now received an amount almost one and a half times more.

The crossover is very popular for several reasons. First of all, users note a magnificent appearance that is not inferior in beauty and harmony to European models.

Secondly, the crossover is very comfortable: there are many convenient options, an excellent multimedia system, and driver assistants. And thirdly, the crossover is famous for its high degree of reliability and safety.

3rd place – Geely Coolray

The residual value of this model reaches 140.4 percent. This suggests that the owner can sell it for 40.4% more than when he bought it three years ago.

According to experts, the model with a 3-cylinder turbo engine and a 7-speed robotic gearbox with a wet clutch is the most popular. The owners of the crossover, after several years of operation of the car, note the flawless operation of the power plant, smooth switching of the “robot”, excellent sound and vibration isolation of the engine compartment.

Compared to other cars of the same class, the model surpasses them in terms of equipment. There is a steering wheel heating, a full-time DVR, a multimedia system with a 10.25-inch screen, all-round visibility. Some complaints are caused by the work of climate control, as well as insufficiently roomy trunk.

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