3 popular mistakes made when changing the air filter

Changing the air filter in a car is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. Many, even fairly experienced motorists systematically make the same mistakes when trying to replace an important element. There are many ways to “screw up” in this endeavor, but nothing hurts your car as much as the three mistakes we’ll talk about today.


The first and main mistake many motorists make is trying to skimp on the air filter. Here it is enough to remember that none of the cheap air filters on the market today can boast of any kind of good durability. So the principle: “the miser pays twice” works 100% in question of automobile “expendables” replacement. There are cases, when cheap filters made of paper stop functioning after 100-200 km run.

Observance of intervals

Like any other “consumable” in the car, the air filter should be changed regularly at a certain interval. Car manufacturers recommend changing it no later than 30-45 thousand kilometers of mileage. The figures are beautiful, but they often have little in common with the harsh reality. As a matter of fact, the harder the conditions in which the vehicle is exploited, the more frequently it will be necessary to replace it. Experienced mechanics recommend changing filters every 15-20 thousand km of run.

The shape of the filter

A thing that most modern motorists do not even pay attention to. The thing is that in most cases the car air filters are square. And it means theoretically it is possible to put them in place as the driver’s soul will likeā€¦ But it is not so in fact. The service manual should have very specific instructions on how to install this or that filter model. If you don’t install an important part properly, you may experience, at the very least, increased fuel consumption. In addition, an improperly installed filter will clog much faster.

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