3 proven foreign cars that you can take on the secondary market

Buying a car is not always a serious decision for a person and a difficult challenge for his wallet. That is why buying a used car may not be the worst option. Even today on the market you can find interesting offers in good condition. Let’s talk from three such beauties, proven over the years of operation.

Toyota Corolla E140

There are enough offers in the secondary market. If desired, you can find a variety of configurations. However, the first thing to look at is cars after restyling. These are usually equipped with a hydromechanical “automatic”. Models released before restyling are in most cases equipped with a “robot”. Unfortunately, this gearbox is not reliable and acts as a constant source of problems. You can also safely consider the option with a manual transmission.

Of the E140 engines, it is ready to offer units with a working volume of 1.4 and 1.6 liters. With such settings, the car cannot boast of good dynamics, and therefore the motorist will have to use a lower gear on an ongoing basis. What’s really good about Corolla engines is resource. Both engines are capable of serving at least 400 thousand km without major repairs. True, it is worth remembering three weaknesses of the E140 motors: a leaking pump, a quickly dirty valve and a throttle. Among other advantages of the E140: a high running gear resource (up to 180 thousand km), high-quality paintwork, the absence of serious problems with corrosion, and the general unpretentiousness of the car.

Honda Civic VIII

Domestic motorists have known the Civic since the early 2000s. Today, most Honda Civic VIIIs are equipped with the good old “mechanics”. However, there are both “machine” and “robot” on the market. However, most drivers still prefer a manual transmission. As for the engine, the Civic VIII is presented in a non-alternative configuration – an engine with a displacement of 1.8 liters and a return of 140 hp. This unit is distinguished by reliability and is able to serve up to 400 thousand kilometers without major repairs. Of course, there are weaknesses in the installation. The valve cover and compressor clutch require increased attention. The suspension as a whole serves up to 150 thousand km, but you need to constantly monitor the condition of the thrust bearings and struts. As for corrosion, the Civic VIII has no big problems with it.

Volvo S80 II

The best option in would be the Volvo S80. Even today, these cars can still be found in fair condition. The car looks quite modern and has a comfortable interior. The equipment of the S80 is rich even by modern standards. The motor is quite reliable, without major repairs it serves hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Of the weak points – leaky pipes, pillows, a problematic fuel pump.

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