3 reliable frame SUVs, which are equipped with expensive motors

Not every motorist will dare to buy SUV, at least because many people do not need such a car. However, despite this, it is difficult to find a person who would not like SUVs. Alas, not each four-wheel drive “monster” can brag also of high reliability. There are few really “unbeatable” cars. Here are several models, which break all imaginable and inconceivable records.

Dodge Durango

It is a middle-size sport SUV, the history of which began in 1998. The car has gone through three generations. This car has a lot in common with the Dodge Dakota and Dodge Ram. The most successful was the second generation, which was produced from 2003 to 2009. The car combines aggressive appearance and high reliability. The model is powered by an incredibly successful engine – 5.7-liter Hemi V8 with output of 335 hp. With proper maintenance the engine will easily cover one million kilometers. The power plant works in conjunction with a 5-speed automatic transmission. There is a four-wheel drive, downshift transmission and lockup. The spacious interior is worth praising separately.

Toyota Land Cruiser 80

“The 80th Land Cruiser is still considered one of the most reliable vehicles in the world, and this applies not only to the engine, but to most other components of the car. The history of the model started in 1990. The “80” has been producing till 1997. By the way, at its time the 80th has “bribed” not only with a good equipment, but also with a strong enough modern design. The cars were equipped with 4.2-liter atmospheric engine with 202 hp. Even today, these cars are valued on the aftermarket, although it should be understood that all Land Cruisers 80 are not “first-fresh”.

Toyota Land Cruiser 100

It’s hard to find a country on the map of the world, where people don’t know and love Toyota Land Cruiser 100. The iconic model was produced from 1998 until 2007. During this time the car has gone through two restyling. From the very beginning the “100” has been so successful that in the first few years there were queues of buyers lined up for it! Nowadays the car is “old”. However, there is one thing that makes you forgive Land Cruiser everything. We are talking about 1HD-FTE engine with a working volume of 4.2 liters and efficiency of 202 horsepowers. We should also note that for its time the “hundred” had very solid equipment. The roominess of the cabin/trunk pleases pleasantly.

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