3 reliable Toyotas that you can take on the market

Cars of the Japanese concern Toyota are very popular in the market. It is not surprising, as the company produces really high quality and reliable models, which are perfectly adapted for harsh operating conditions.

The manufacturer does not lower the quality bar and today, so its individual cars are extremely popular in the market.

Toyota Camry XV30

Someone will say that Toyota Camry XV30 – a real “dinosaur”, but in fact it is not so. And although the sedan has gone through a lot of upgrades and restyling, affecting the design of the body, this version still deserves attention because of its reliability and practicality.

First of all, this is explained by the fact that the best engineers worked on the development of the model, not marketers, wishing to bring profit to the company. Therefore externally the car does not create any false illusions, and shows only what it is capable of.

In terms of reliability the Toyota Camry XV30 does not cause any doubts. Under the hood of the car there is a 3-liter 186-horsepower engine, which works together with a 4-band automatic transmission. According to the statements of experts, the service life of this unit reaches 700 thousand kilometers, and it really is an extremely successful project from the MZ-FE line.

From possible problems, which car owners face, it is necessary to allocate only the pump, vulnerable to breakage, often failing. There are no other troubles during the operation of the vehicle. It is only important to change oil in due time and to perform scheduled maintenance of important units and assemblies.

The declared service life of the gearbox averages 450 thousand km, which is due to the maximum primitive device and ease of maintenance. Even if any mechanism will fail, you can solve the problem in the nearest workshop.

Lifetime of suspension reaches 200,000 km, and the only vulnerable place are stabilizer rods, which pass no more than 80,000 km.

Toyota Sequoia

If we talk about off-road vehicles of Japanese car concern, Toyota Sequoia is obviously a real bestseller.

Sequoia is characterized by a fairly roomy cabin, designed for seating up to 9 people in a complete set with an additional row of seats. Although this model has never been sold in certified Toyota dealerships in Russia, it can be safely attributed to the list of main competitors for Land Cruiser 100.

Ground clearance of 25 cm, continuous rear axle, all-wheel drive base with downshift and solid frame make the car an indispensable means of transportation for residents of northern regions and places that are almost impossible to reach with an ordinary passenger car.

The Sequoia is equipped with a 4.7-liter gasoline engine with 243 horsepower and a 4-band automatic transmission. Such an engine is part of the 2UZ series and is found in the 100 Land Cruiser. The claimed life without overhaul reaches 700-900 thousand kilometers of mileage.

There are also stories of SUVs that have driven over a million. Only low-quality fuel can worsen this situation and cause the necessity of fuel system maintenance – particularly the throttle and injectors.

As for the running gear, the Toyota Sequoia is also out of competition. The only thing that drivers encounter is the wear and tear of the ball joints of the levers after 80,000 km of mileage.

Toyota Tundra

The next place in our selection is the legendary Toyota Tundra pickup truck with very large body dimensions.

The model is equipped with a spring rear suspension, so it does not require complex maintenance and servicing. This type of running gear is the most reliable and durable.

In general, the pickup is a very successful type of body, as it combines a roomy cabin, which comfortably accommodates four adults on only the second row of seats. In addition, there is a huge luggage compartment, in which you can carry bulky items.

As the power unit used 5.7-liter 381-horsepower engine, demonstrating excellent reserve dynamics and energy efficiency. In addition, this engine is extremely reliable and can overcome up to 1.5 million kilometers without major repairs. There is hardly any other pickup trucks, and cars in general, which can compete with the “Tundra” in terms of service life.

Automatic transmission with five speeds does not need any maintenance, because it is oriented to the enormous loads. However, you should not be fond of high-speed driving and brisk starts, as it can provoke premature wear of the torque converter lockup linings.

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