4 cars most likely to have torn timing belts

Alas, there is no eternal car on Earth. Every mechanism breaks down sooner or later, and therefore needs regular and timely maintenance. Maintenance with replacement of at least basic “consumables” will help to avoid the majority of minor breakages. For example, a timing belt is among them. Unfortunately, each car has its own technical intervals. Worse, in some of them the same timing belt falls into disrepair and tears noticeably faster than in others.

Datsun Mi-Do and On-Do

About 50-60 thousand kilometers mileage the car begins to have problems with the pump cooling system. If it will jam, it is guaranteed to lead to a belt breakage.

Hyundai Elantra

The remarkable Elantra has problems with the timing belt starts somewhere after the mark of 45,000 km. The unpleasant defect occurs mainly in cars made between 2002 and 2006. The root of the problem lies in an initially low quality of parts, especially in the insufficient quality of tensioners, which eventually begin to play a lot, and that becomes the reason for the breakage.

Skoda Octavia

Problems with the timing belt make itself felt somewhere after 50 thousand kilometers. In most cases the problems are relevant only for relatively old cars from 1998-2011. However, timing belt failures also occur on newer models. The root of the problem is the quality of rollers. The timing belt in Octavia wears out too quickly.

Chery Tiggo

At about 60,000ths, problems with a timing breakdown begin in the popular Chery Tiggo. Worst of all, even frequent and regular belt changes can’t help solve this problem. In the case of the Tiggo, the root of the problem goes to the quality of the car’s components. The crankshaft oil seals deteriorate too quickly, which causes oil droplets to get on the belt. This subsequently significantly reduces the life of the timing belt.

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