4 popular brands of motor oils, which are most often faked

The problem of counterfeit was relevant at all times and for a variety of products. The more popular and expensive the product, the more likely it is that people will try to counterfeit it to make money. Motor oil is one of the best examples in this regard. Attackers choose the brands of oils for counterfeiting for a reason. Moreover, there is a real rating of the most in-demand in this regard liquids.

Shell Helix

One of the most counterfeited oils by fraudsters. The easiest way to spot a counterfeit is by comparing it to the original. If the oil smells like acetone or resembles black tea, then it is guaranteed to be fake. It is also necessary to study the surface of the canister. The original Shell canisters are a fairly rough product. A canister that is too smooth with no rough seams is the first sign of a possible fake. Shell also uses canisters of different colors for oils of different viscosities. If the color does not match the original, you are facing a counterfeit product.


There has been a noticeable increase in the number of counterfeits of this oil recently. It is extremely difficult to distinguish genuine from counterfeit oil, because the canister of counterfeit Castrol is repeated by swindlers in every detail! It is possible to detect a counterfeit only after opening the cap. Counterfeit Castrol often has a grooved membrane, while the original is smooth.


Another brand of oil, popular among swindlers, which is almost impossible to identify by checking a canister. A special QR-code, which will take you to the site with an image of dots on the matrix, will help to determine the authenticity. It is necessary to compare carefully the received image with the one which is displayed on the label. It is also important to make sure that you have been redirected exactly to the official site.


Often counterfeited brand of oil, which in most cases can be identified by the color and configuration of the canister. Original canisters are black, with a red lid, with a handle set on a small bevel. The date of manufacture and batch number should be printed at the bottom of the canister. Original canisters have the numbers easily counted. Also, original Motul oils have a very pungent smell.

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