5 ” branches” of famous tire manufacturers, as good as their quality

Overpaying for a brand is by no means a myth. Many brands proven over the years do offer high-quality products. However, if you buy something from a well-known brand, you need to be prepared to “pay extra” for the name. Also, the cost of branded goods often increases because of the lack of local production under the “parent” brand in a particular country. At the same time, many companies have local “subsidiary” production facilities in many different countries. The name of such products will be different, but the quality level is often no lower than that of the original.

So, among the variety of companies we should distinguish five brands: Firestone, Nordman, BFGoodrich, Dunlop and Gislaved.

Firestone is a brand of tires from an American manufacturer. At the moment, the company is owned by Brigestone. Tires of the latter belong to the budget segment, but can boast a fairly good handling and a high level of quality. Of the disadvantages, you can highlight only the noisiness. Firestone products are Brigestone products, just under a different name.

Nordman. Russian-Finnish company, which is the joint brainchild of Amtel and neighboring Nokian. This is quite affordable products, which in spite of the low price is characterized by high strength and frost resistance.

BFGoodrich is another American company operating in Russia. This brand belongs to the well-known Michelin. In general, if you find a BFG product, you can buy it without serious hesitation. The tires are durable, soft and quiet enough. The products of the subsidiary company can also be praised for excellent traction.

Dunlop. Originally an Irish company, which was later bought out by Brigestone and Goodyear. Suffice it to say that in the 1950s and 1970s, the Dunlop brand was the official supplier of rubber for Formula 1. Today, the brand’s products are characterized as well-driven, relatively cheap and of sufficient quality.

Gislaved. Originally a Swedish rubber brand, which in the 1990s was bought out by the well-known Continental brand. Gislaved products are safe to buy. The vast majority of tires are characterized as durable, reliable and extremely safe. The rubber can withstand even the harshest conditions.

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