5 cars that have found their fans despite weird design

When cars began to be created by many manufacturers, then to promote their models, each of the concerns tried to attract buyers not only at the expense of technical characteristics, but also design. However, this mechanism sometimes failed – sometimes the most beautiful cars did not satisfy consumers with their capabilities, and sometimes it happens the other way around, when the models are not particularly aesthetic appearance, but turned out to be quite popular in the market. Here are 5 cars that have found their fans despite the strange design.

Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato

The model Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato was considered by both drivers and critics as a very worthy car, and most often it was the two-seater modification that was emphasized. And the fact that the appearance of this car was not particularly attractive, did not deter potential consumers: many even joked that its design would not allow to lose his car among others even not the largest parking lot.

Edsel Corsair

Despite the fact that in the middle of the last century, the design of most cars was characterized by grace and catchy details, but this can not be said, the Edsel Corsair model is included in this list. The grille was so odd that ambiguous comments about what associations it evokes still appear to this day.

Subaru SVX

Automobile concern Subaru in principle for a long time is considered almost a flagship in the creation of unusual designs of its cars. However, even among them you can find those that stood out with some of their chips. And most often, the model SVX, which used its crowning element, called “window in the window”, is called a model of non-trivial appearance of its time.

Stout Scarab

This minivan had a strange history of acceptance on the market. It was defined as a very mediocre model, which had the right to live, but too many motorists were frankly scared off by its design. Distantly resembling a space capsule, Stout Scarab was called ridiculous by some, and others called the design almost perfect. But today everyone is more inclined to the second opinion – the model was characterized by good characteristics on aerodynamics and a number of innovative solutions for that time.

Citroen SM

There are such cases in the history of cars, when at the release of the machine, to put it mildly, did not attract consumers, but over time it received the status of a classic. The brightest example of such a phenomenon is the model Citroen SM, because today it is considered a fantastically beautiful car by many car enthusiasts. And this is despite the fact that it has a very specific design.

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