5 frankly problematic cars that you should not take in the aftermarket

Purchase of a car in the secondary market for the majority of compatriots is perhaps the only option to get a suitable vehicle for their needs. Unfortunately, not even all used cars can boast exceptional reliability. Some models very quickly will turn into a leech for a purse, promptly sucking out the family budget for repair.

1. the Mazda CX-7

Extremely attractive crossover of Japanese production, which has already managed to win the hearts of thousands of domestic motorists. Design, interior trim, a large capacity trunk and, of course, excellent dynamics. All this pleases any motorist. Alas, with all its merits Mazda CX-7 can not be called a car really reliable. Therefore, if to take the “seven”, only on the primary market.

2. Peugeot 308

One of the most popular hatchbacks of the present. At least when it comes to C-Class cars. The car attracts a lot of citizens with its uncommon appearance and interior. However, you should remember that Peugeot 308, unfortunately, can not boast of exclusive reliability. First of all the engine of the car makes itself felt. In the secondary market it is one of the worst choices. They scold the used car literally for everything from running gear up to electronics.

3.Porsche Cayenne Turbo I

Not the most popular variant on the Russian market. However, this car has its own circle of fans on the expanses of our homeland. Its name Porsche Cayenne Turbo I earned thanks to the really powerful engine. In addition, the car looks really good, even by modern standards. However, due to the problems with fuel pumps, turbine and steering, the car can become a constant source of problems and will regularly empty the owner’s wallet.

4. Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220

Once, this car was one of the most status things on the expanses of the former USSR. Today the car, to put it mildly, has “not the first-freshness”. Which implies the whole set of problems with reliability during operation of the vehicle. The car has a lot of problems under the hood and under the body. For that money which they will ask for it, there are more attractive and most importantly reliable variants.

5. Renault Megane

Excellent car, which, unfortunately, is not intended for Russia from the word “at all”. Dusters, bearings, silent blocks in this car firstly do not stand the hardcore conditions of Russian winter. The fuel system also suffers. The car is extremely popular in the secondary market, but this is actually the main reason to think about its reliability level. It would be better to consider other options.

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