5 iconic foreign cars from the 1990s that everyone wanted

Mercedes-Benz S600

The flagship car of the German brand, which was produced for almost 10 years from 1991 to 1998. Especially popular was W140 series with a 12-cylinder engine with an output of 400 hp. On the highway, such car could easily reach 280 km/h. For its time, this car has a high level of comfort: expensive trim materials, heated steering wheel and seats, Parktronic, climate control and even a telephone.

Toyota Land Cruiser 80/100

Off-road vehicles with 4.5-liter 215-horsepower engine were valued for their excellent off-road mobility, good dynamics, and high reliability. Due to their size, the vehicles were also very roomy.

BMW 5 E34

Without exaggeration, a car legend. The car enjoyed great popularity, thanks to which tightly entered not only into the popular consciousness, but also in the mass culture.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Another huge car, which was terribly popular. People liked Cherokee not only for its respectable appearance, but also for its excellent cross-country ability. Fortunately, the truck had 245 horses engine. Huge fuel consumption of 20-25 liters for a 5-liter engine never bothered those lucky men, who could afford this beauty.

Mercedes Gelandewagen W461

The famous car could afford in the 1990s few of the few. The car cost astronomical money. Due to the impressive look, the car was taken even despite some lack of comfort in the interior of the German giant.

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