5 practical tips to keep windows from fogging

Autumn is in full swing, which means that motorists have again regularly encountered the problem of fogging of glasses. There are several ways to solve the problem, both “folk” and “professional”. But it is best to use the whole available set of measures to deal with misting windows.

Properly stoke the heater and use air conditioner.

Wait until the engine is hot, then turn the heater on to maximum power and direct hot air to the window. At the same time, you should turn off the air recirculation function in the car. It is very important that the engine is hot. Otherwise, there will be almost no effect from such blowing. Air conditioner helps well in struggle against window weeping. If there is already fogging of glasses, it is usually enough to switch it on for a minute or two.

Clean the air intake

There is a special air intake box under the windshield. It is directly connected to the car’s cabin heating system. Gradually, the box gets dirty. Dust, moisture, and debris accumulate in it. This leads to the fact that the air taken into the salon of the car has high humidity. The problem is solved by periodic cleaning of the box. It should be done at least once a year.

Use Chemicals

A simple and quite effective way to solve the problem with window fogging is the use of specialized chemicals. Today the market has a huge number of protective compositions that are sprayed/applied to the windows and thereby prevent fogging for some time. There are also folk remedies, such as applying a soap solution. However, such methods are much less effective.

Fight the sources of dampness

Most often, the windows in the car mist up due to an increase in humidity in the cabin. This in turn is caused by water brought in or penetrated into the cabin. Shake off your shoes well, including snow. Check the car’s bodywork, noise insulation, and window insulation for leaks. Shake out the mats if water has collected on them. Make sure the gutters are working properly.

Don’t forget about electric heaters

Don’t forget about such a useful function as electric window heating. You can use it not only during winter frosts. A few minutes of electric window heating will easily remove almost any fogging on the windows.

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