5 reasons to buy and not to buy Chery Tiggo 5

Sometimes the joy lasts quite a long time, and happy owners are happy to share it in their reviews on the Internet. And they also quarrel with those who are dissatisfied with the purchase at all and verbally sprinkle Tiggo 5 with all kinds of bad substances. There are not many reviews, and among them are even less objective, but you can learn something useful from them. What we have deduced we share.


Tiggo 5 is not an evolutionary product, but revolutionary. As I have already told, there are ears of Toyota sticking out of the first Tiggo, and if to look attentively – the motors of Mitsubishi 4G6. If you dig even deeper, in some markets with later Acteco engines you can find the DP0 gearbox, familiar to us from completely different cars. In general, it is a hodgepodge. The Tiggo 5 is another matter. At one time the Chinese even built a separate plant in Dalian – so this car was not similar to all other products of the Celestial Empire. It is built on a platform of its own design iAUTO – on the same platform was created, for example, Arrizo 7.

The platform was developed in Shanghai, but the design of the Tiggo 5 is a more European product. James Hope and Hakan Sarahoglu (we know him as the author of designs of Porsche Cayman, Boxster and 918 Spyder) worked on it. And it is necessary to recognize that the crossover has turned out not so Chinese in a bad sense of the word as the previous Tiggo. It is appreciable both in design, and in interior materials, and even in smell, about which people recollect at any mentioning of the Chinese car industry.

What the Tiggo 5 lacks is the choice of engines and gearboxes. The engine here is own, but it is one – two-liter “four” SQR484F rated at 136 hp. The choice of a gearbox is not shocking too. Fans of old-school will like a mechanical five-speed QR525MHE, more advanced people will like a variator QR019CHA. The choice is modest, but it is necessary to admit that owners practically have no essential claims neither to the engine, nor to boxes (including CVT). Only some people lack dynamics, but, most likely, someone simply wants too much.

Chery Tiggo 5 2013

I should say at once: the reviews of this car are mostly too smooth. I would say – boring. There is no passion here, be damned. Well, it drives. Well, it doesn’t break down. Well, it’s a little bit crooked. But it drives… Well, read it for yourself.

Hate #5: absence of four-wheel drive.

Yes, many people consider absence of a full drive on a crossover as a serious disadvantage. Thus, they understand, that it is not the cleverest idea to get into dirt in a city crossover with a variator. And I must admit that I have not found any reviews with more or less adequate experience of using Tiggo as an SUV. There are lovers of riding in Tiggo in Europe, drive thousands of kilometers of vacation, but almost always on asphalt. So, what is missing then? Manageability on a slippery road and passability on snowy roads: “. it would be good for such crossovers to have all-wheel drive. Even though I don’t drive in impassable delirium, but it drags because of its weight in ice”, “… the only thing I lack in Chery Tiggo 5 is a switchable all-wheel drive and Auto mode for the whole winter”.

Chery Tiggo 5 2013

Sometimes the desire to get a four-wheel drive is explained by some strange complexity of controlling the traction of a variator. They say that if you press the pedal a little bit, driving wheels at once come off. It looks very strange, especially at presence of anti-skid system ASR. But if they swear, it means there is some reason.

It is a pity that some people refuse from Tigo only due to absence of a four-wheel drive: “Now I want a four-wheel drive… I would take a “Chinese” again. If I had enough money for Hover H9. It is a pity, Cheri cannot offer such. Of course, it’s not me, but Chery.

Love #5: interior

What it’s hard to reproach Chery owners with is a riot of aesthetic fits. Their sense of beauty is usually a little less than that of Buzova fans. It is difficult to find picturesque reviews about the dashboard or stitching on the leather of the seats, but the number of quietly positive reviews about the interior is very high. Most of all, of course, pleases the space: “As for the pluses, it is certainly a large and spacious interior. I can wear a Caucasian hat while driving if I’m 180 cm tall”. Of course, they also note the practicality: “The cabin is very spacious, which allows using Tiggo not only as a family car – it is also convenient when transporting oversized cargo (I took the front door, it fit perfectly, I did not have to pay for the delivery).

Chery Tiggo 5 2013–

In addition, it is worth noting that many are pleased with the materials of the interior. There is no smell of phenol, squeaks and crickets too. There is a firm feeling that not the Chinese did the interior. And it is good.

Hate #4: assembly

No, no, there are not such screams of despair, which owners of first Chinese made. And it’s more about the instability of the assembly, rather than its consistently ugly quality. Many people, on the contrary, note that these cars are assembled at quite a decent level. But someone is clearly unlucky: “Everything is spoiled by the assembly in Cherkessk, there are a lot of small flaws (seams on the seats are crooked, different gaps, the steering wheel is in the oilcloth).

Chery Tiggo 5 2013–

Most often the flaws are minor, but there are also those who definitely regretted the purchase of the Tiggo solely because of poor workmanship. Something fell off here, something was not screwed on there… It happens. And if there are many such faults, the owner of Tiggo feels despair: “Cherkessk ruined everything!

Love No.4: fuel consumption and gasoline

One should not wait for miracles of fuel economy from the two-liter atmospheric motor. Probably, the owners have not counted on these miracles, therefore they estimate the expense objectively: “What is pleasant – the fuel consumption! For such dimensional car with such clearance 10-12 liters is just super! Well, super is not super, but it is possible to live. Someone manages to get even more pleasant figures: “the route consumption fell to 7,6 liters, the mixed mode at me came out 8,6-9,5 liters”.

Chery Tiggo 5 2013

But this, as it follows from the reviews, is not the main thing. The real primal joy is caused by the fact that the engine of Tiggo 5 “… Ai-92 normally digests”. Wow, that’s a reason to rejoice! It’s even a pity that the newer turbocharged motors of the same Tiggo 4 can’t do that…

Hate #3: rear view camera and parking sensors.

I’ll be honest: it was interesting to read what falls off in a Chinese crossover most often. It’s not that I’m prejudiced against “Chinese”, but… Okay, a little bit prejudiced. And I was very happy that the owners of the Tiggo 5 are very complimentary about the reliability of their cars. There are no complaints about the engines or the variators. Yes, the stabilizer struts don’t last very long, there are some very minor breakdowns, but the degree of confidence in the car deserves respect. But there are two things, which fail regularly and almost in general. Almost all owners tell about them: “Weak points – rear view camera and parking sensors (have no protection against water). You wash your car in winter, the camera gets frozen when you leave the car wash, and hello, repair!

Chery Tiggo 5 2013

Sometimes there are complaints about the steering wheel switches, but not so often and not for everyone. But the cameras and sensors are a disaster. It’s a shame that everything else works as it should, but these little things spoil the whole picture: “I had a Cherry 5 for four years. During that time I replaced the camera and the parking sensors. I haven’t had any other problems, I haven’t even changed the brake pads once.

Love #3: Cost.

There is probably nothing to explain here. Relatively low cost is the only thing that once attracted to Cheri: “If we compare with “Europeans”, the car in the same configuration will cost 2-3 times more expensive, and will be inferior in comfort”, “… For this price, no crossover (of course, a new one) gave such comfort, such an attractive appearance”.

Chery Tiggo 5 2013–

Over time, the reviews have changed slightly. People began to notice that in addition to the low price Tiggo 5 is also of good quality: “The car surprises me with its value for money. It’s true.” The fact that along with the price appeared also the quality, can not but cause joy for the Chinese manufacturer. Although, maybe – many people simply do not care. Because our stereotypes “rule”.

Probably the situation will change. If people used to say about Cheri that they “don’t have to overpay for the brand”, now the brand is slowly becoming more and more expensive. Maybe deservedly so.

Hate #2: Dealership service

There are no complaints about the cost of dealer service. But to the attitude to the customers – a lot. And also – to bad training of experts. It takes too much time for diagnostics, cars may stand idle in the repair area for a long time and the managers are not always treating the customers humanely. And people write: “The only disadvantage is service at the dealer. Dealers can be given a minus 0”.

Chery Tiggo 5 2013–

By the way, I’ve been to a couple of Cheri dealerships once. In one, I was officially there, as a columnist for a car portal. And everything was fine. But in the second one I went incognito. The managers looked at me like I was an idiot and a pauper. If I wanted to buy a car there, I probably wouldn’t have done it just because of the staff’s attitude. And that’s a pity. And not only me: “And at the dealer you meet only rudeness and incomprehension.The feeling that we owe them something. Yes, it happens. But there’s an opinion that in Moscow and St. Petersburg the situation with dealers is better. Maybe, but I wasn’t lucky in St. Petersburg.

In general, the conclusion owners often make is sad: “Service is lame, but the car is super”.

Love No.2: a combination of a motor and a variator.

You will not get a chance to drive Tigo – it was not grown for it. But it is quite possible to drive in a city. And on a freeway it goes well. Yes, some people complain about overtaking at speeds from 100 km/h, but not too loudly. One understands, that Tiggo is not a race car. But what not to take away from the crossover is perfectly coordinated work of the motor and a variator. Almost everyone likes it: “This engine is simply 5+ synchronized with a 7-speed variator”. Well, let’s admit that variator has no steps and cannot have them (we speak about their imitation), but in the rest, most likely it is so – too many good words are told concerning this pair: “I get convinced more and more, that I have excellent car with excellent engine and ideally picked up transmission”. Or even so: “Well, compared to Lifan the car is fire. Of the “Chinese” cars I’ve ridden in, it’s probably the most adequate variator/engine combination.

Chery Tiggo 5 2013–н. вр.

I’d like to point out that Cheri is not shy about admitting that you have to change the oil in the variator every 40,000 kilometers. Maybe that’s part of the success of the Tiggo 5 variators – they don’t die before their deadline. Maybe it’s not due yet? The cars are relatively fresh.

Hate #1: liquidity.

And again with no comments. To sell a Chinese car in our country is more difficult than to buy it: “… a Chinese, and people are afraid of it, but for nothing”. Maybe for nothing. But they are afraid, and so far nothing can be done about it. So the remark is fair: “The main issue is liquidity…”.


Love #1: reliability.

Here it is – shock content! As it is accepted now on one resource: “The neighbor has driven 100 thousand kilometers on Cheri. I am telling you how he did it”. He did it well. If it were not for the faults of the Cherkess assembly it would be even better. And almost all the reviews contain the following statement: “I myself have bought a Cheri, and a couple of my colleagues at work, and my neighbor, everyone is pleased as elephants. They are really reliable, not once have I heard that someone got stuck for money with the overhaul of something”, “There are no complaints about the engine, gearbox and running gear at all, from the word “at all”. The electrics are fine, too”.

Chery Tiggo 5 2013–

What can I say… The Chinese, of course, are good. But even the owners of Tiggo sometimes turn a blind eye to some things. They write that nothing is broken, but they change washer tubes. They change ECU under warranty, periodically struggle with “pustules” on the paintwork… In a word, they do not require much from their cars. Maybe, it makes them a little bit happier than some owners of BMW X3. They demand a lot from their cars.

But if to speak seriously, Tiggo 5 is not the Amulet, but quite decent car. At least, it practically never disappointed its first owner. Of course, there are few people willing to buy a crossover with a variator at the secondary market, but let’s speak honestly: how many of us in this situation are ready to buy, for example, something from Nissan with a variator? Also not everyone. Well, while some people are degrading, Cheri is growing. And rightly so, actually.


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