5 retro cars that were so memorable that they can be considered “eternal”

Cars have different fates – some models remain passable, others are remembered for a long time. A special caste in this regard are vintage cars, which are considered almost immortal. This is because their design and technical features even many decades later make collectors chase after them, and having got them – take care of them in every possible way. Your attention is given to “five” retro-cars, which turned out to be so memorable that they might as well be considered “eternal”.


The author of this car was personally Jean Bugatti, who presented it for its debut in 1935-1936. The model had the maximum speed for those times – Type 57SC could reach 197 km/hour, which was considered a real engineering masterpiece. By the way, it was an upgraded version of the “standard” Type 57. The letter “S” stood for “Surbaiss√©”, i.e. reduced level, and the letter “C” stood for “Compresseur”, i.e. supercharger.

Vugatti Louis Dubos Type 51

Another Bugatti model that was produced in the thirties. Back then, car buyers usually had to choose between a race car and a road car. And here the Bugatti concern releases its Type 51. Bugatti Louis Dubos coupe was very similar to Jean Bugatti’s Type 57SC Atlantic – in terms of aesthetics it is almost the same, but the engine and wheelbase are different. The Dubos was powered by a supercharged 2.3-liter engine with a displacement of 2,224 cubic inches, which gave it 180 horsepower.

Rolls-Royce Phantom II

The Phantom II is known for being one of the latest Rolls-Royce models, the development of which was personally overseen by its founder, Sir Henry Royce. The car featured an inline six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 120 horsepower and a displacement of 7.7 liters. And although in comparison with other cars, the power of this particular one may seem somewhat understated, for Rolls-Royce the desire to conquer speeds has never been a priority, for they have always focused their attention on luxury. And in this respect, the Phantom II was so successful that its chic looks are still admired today.

Mercedes 540K Spezial-Roadsters

The cult of this model is not only because they were made exclusively to order, but also because of a separate factory, which worked exclusively for their production. Mercedes 540K Spezial-Roadsters even today amaze the retro enthusiasts with their wide fenders, strikingly long hoods, high V-shaped grilles, and smooth, but pointed tails. All of this quickly made the model a super-popular car on the German car market.

Mercedes SSK

This model is considered one of the most elusive, as it is very difficult to find, and therefore fabulously expensive vintage cars on the planet. The Mercedes SSK gained its worldwide fame after it was chosen to compete in races at the beginning of the last century. The 710 Trossi Roadster was named after its first owner, Count Carlo Trossi, who later also served as president of the Scuderia Ferrari racing team. In addition, the “K” (Compressor) in the name indicates the use of supercharged engine in the car, which, with a displacement of 6.9 liters allowed it to produce unthinkable at the time 300 horsepower.

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