5 ‘secret’ car features most drivers forget about

Sometimes even familiar things manage to give us surprises. A car in this matter is the best illustration. For some reason, many drivers forget that even not in the most modern car there is a huge number of useful functions. Each of them is able to significantly facilitate the life of the motorist in this or that matter. Alas, far from always this “secret” functionality is obvious.

Turning off the airbag

Every motorist-parent knows that it is possible to transport a child on the front seat at the age of up to 12 years old only in a special box-chair. At the same time, as practice shows, many people somehow forget about the airbag… More precisely, about the necessity of its disconnection. In the event of an accident, a deployed airbag can save an adult, but will definitely kill (or severely injure) a small child. Most often the airbag deactivator is located on the side of the torpedo. It can be reached simply by opening the car door.

Rotating sun visor

As practice shows, many beginners are not aware of the fact that the sun visor can cover from annoying rays not only from the front, but also from the side. Especially for this purpose, one of the loops of the visor is made in such a way that it can be unhooked from the holder without any effort. After that, the visor remaining on one loop can be easily rotated and fixed at an angle of 90 degrees.

Mirror night mode

Take a closer look at the central mirror of your favorite “swallow”. It is quite likely that there is some “mysterious” button on it. If so, then most likely the mirror is electrochromic and it has an LED. If so, then with the help of the found button you can turn on the so-called “night mode” of the reflective accessory. In this mode, the center mirror “dims” the light reflected at night, so that the driver is less likely to be blinded by the headlights of the person following.

Emergency braking with the electronic “handbrake”

Even those who drive a car with an electronic parking brake do not always know that it can be used for emergency braking in the event of failure of the main brakes. For an emergency reduction of speed you will have to press and hold the button of “handbrake” activation. In the process of such braking, the car should independently activate the brake lights to warn drivers around.

Locking the rear doors

Almost every modern car has a function of locking the rear doors. In this mode, they will only open from the outside. This function is designed specifically for those who regularly transport a small child. To activate the lock mode, you need to open the door and find a small toggle switch with the inscription “Lock” near the lock. In some car models, this toggle switch is hidden under a plastic or rubber plug.

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