5 simple tips to keep your engine from accelerated wear

The camshaft of an automobile engine is one of the most important elements of the power unit construction. Careless operation of the car can lead to the fact that the mentioned detail will begin to show scuffing. Accelerated wear of the camshaft will not end well. In neglected cases, the motorist will not have time to notice the first problems with the engine. In order to postpone the inevitable as long as possible, it is enough to follow five simple but extremely important tips.

Correct start and operation of an internal combustion engine

Until the oil is pumped through the entire system, it will not be able to reach each friction pair and lubricate it sufficiently. The same goes for the thermal clearances of the pistons in the cylinders. Lack of lubricant at the moment of movement has the most depressing role on the engine. Not only the crankshaft suffers in this case, but also the already mentioned cylinders. Therefore it is absolutely not superfluous to allow the power plant to idle for a while (at least a few minutes) before starting a trip. Also it is recommended not to burst at every traffic light, as if participating in a race.

Keep an eye on the oil

Here’s a surprise – the condition of the engine oil in your car needs to be monitored at all times. Do not be lazy to check the level of oil before a trip, especially if you know, that your favorite “swallow” is prone to oily fuel. It may not be necessary to pull the dipstick literally before every trip, but at least once every few days it is useful to have a look under the hood. If you have detected increased consumption of lubricant, try not to put the problem off and find the cause of the problem as quickly as possible. Also do not forget to change the fluid. It is recommended to do it every 6-8 thousand km when actively using your vehicle.

Remember about quality

You should not buy the first oil you see. If financial resources allow, do not skimp on lubricants for the engine of your favorite car. Be sure to buy oil only in verified stores. It is recommended to be a brand name, proven by time and millions of kilometers. Remember that cheap oil differs from expensive in the first place with a much more modest set of useful additives.

Temperature Regime

Proper temperature control is critical for any car. Remember that the fluidity of any oil increases as the temperature of the powertrain increases. At some point, the lubricant simply ceases to be held between the friction pairs. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the temperature of the power unit and prevent it from overheating. In order to prevent something like this from happening, it is necessary to keep the cooling system in good working order, timely change antifreeze, clean in time (at least once in 1-2 years) heat exchangers and radiators.

Do not count on chance!

The last tip on the list, but by no means the last in importance. Our brother has such a bad habit – to hope for the chance. When it comes to management and operation of vehicles, this principle does not work at all! If the internal combustion engine of your favorite “swallow” hints at the first problems: unclear noises and knocks began to appear, oil loss appeared, low pressure in the system appeared, the “oil lamp” lights up – do not wait! Ask for help from specialists right away. It will be cheaper. Even if you “get through” the first time, the second or third time will be even worse.

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