5 smart tips to help get your car back to “store” condition

Appearance matters. Especially when it comes to a car. It does not matter if the owner is going to get rid of the car on the secondary market or he just wants his “swallow” to look like new. There are many ways to make your car look better. Here are a few that do not require much effort, and positive results will give right away.

Polish the headlights

Headlights are one of those things that immediately catch the eye. Over time, the lighting optics becomes yellowed, covered with microcracks and scratches. As a result, the headlights become cloudy and unsightly. It also affects the configuration of the light pattern on the road. That is why it is highly recommended to polish and buff the headlights with special tools at least once every 50-100 thousand km.

Steering wheel retouching

The steering wheel is one of the things that suffers the most during the daily use of the car. A worn steering wheel is more revealing than any gauge on the dashboard. The conclusion suggests itself – it is necessary to retighten the trimming material which the steering wheel is covered with. It is possible to take such step after 100-120 thousand km run.

Dry cleaning of seats

Even if almost nobody sits on some seats, they still lose their original look under the influence of at least natural factors. Sooner or later it will not be possible to finish with light cleaning in the interior. Therefore, somewhere at the mark of 150-200 thousand km of run it will be necessary to resort to good old-fashioned dry-cleaning of the interior. It is also recommended to order seat covers, if for some reason there are none in your car yet.

Replacement of carpets

This will sound strange to some, but few things rejuvenate the interior of a car with mileage as much as the appearance of new “fresh” mats. And all because mats have a habit to be worn out and to become scuffed. Even the most thorough washing will not save an old mats. It goes without saying, you should change mats for regular from manufacturer.

Change of wheel disks

Finally, you should not forget about such a thing as replacing the wheel rims. Over time, wheel rims not only wear out and lose their original appearance. More importantly, they rust. When summer comes, it makes sense to put alloy wheels on your swallow. Of course, before buying new wheels you should make sure that they were not repaired with some “barbaric” method, for instance with the usage of argon welding.

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