5 smart tips to help start a car with a dead battery

Is the starter barely cranking when you try to start the engine? Are the headlights blinking dimly? The car stopped opening from the key fob? Congratulations! Your battery is dead. If the battery is bloated, covered with an insoluble deposit or a crack in its case, it is impossible to restore the battery. In all other cases, the battery can be reanimated by charging. In addition, you can try to start the car in an emergency with one of the following ways.

Cigarette lighter and jump charge

If you have a good starter wire, as well as a kind soul who will agree to help you, then the car can be “lighted. 5-10 minutes of pumping power should be enough to crank the starter once and start. If the case takes place in a garage and there is starter charger, the same can be done from 220 volt outlet.

Towing and pushing

Both towing and pushing a car can, with luck, take over the starter and crank the crankshaft. The main thing to remember is that this “grandfather’s” way is suitable only for “grandfather’s” cars. Namely, for cars with a manual transmission. With an automatic transmission, you will not start in this way.

Hot water

If it is winter in extremely cold weather, you can remove the battery and dip it in a bucket of hot water. If you are lucky, this manipulation will warm the battery and for a short time will give a little more energy to start. It will take about 30 minutes to “bathe” the battery. It is also worth remembering that the method will work if the battery was not fully discharged.

The starters

Condenser or casting boosters, connected to the battery, can allow you to start the battery. Popularly, these devices are nicknamed by the unpretentious word “starters”. They are connected directly to the battery. Do not be fooled and buy “starters” for the cigarette lighter – it is a waste of money. The only disadvantage of such devices is prohibitive price.

Cleaning the terminals

Finally, don’t forget that the problem with the lack of starting may not be in the battery, but in the terminals. If they are covered with a layer of oxides, they may well be the cause of not starting the car. It is not difficult to identify oxidation. All you need to do is clean the terminals with a suitable tool.

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