5 useful habits a driver should acquire for their own good

Driving a car involves a lot of responsibility and constant risk. The driver is not just required to remain vigilant on the road at all times. It would not be out of place to make a rule a few good habits that, despite the seeming triviality, can actually play a huge role when the road is still bad things happen. For example, there will be some kind of traffic accident.

  1. “Circle of Honor.”

Do not hurry to jump in a driver’s seat and rush to meet adventures for the first time when you reach your favorite “swallow”. Firstly make a “victory lap” – a quick inspection of the vehicle. Check wheels, windows, radiator grill and wheel arches. Make sure everything is in order and there are no extra items anywhere. Clear the snow from the car, removing the snowdrift from the roof first.

  1. Complete tidiness

Remember to tidy up the cabin from time to time: remove everything unnecessary, clean out the trash, put the important things in their places. It is necessary to put everything in such a way, that at a sharp maneuver or braking it has not flown somewhere. First of all, forward, right into legs of a motorist or a passenger. All items in the luggage compartment must also be well secured.

  1. Seatbelt

It’s a known fact: protective helmets are designed for trusses! (sarcasm). Some citizens are of the same opinion about seat belts in cars. Do I even need to remind you that the strange cloth harness dangles next to the driver’s seat for a reason and definitely not for beauty? Feel free to use, perhaps one day this simple gizmo will save your life and health.

  1. A firm grip

It is very important to hold a steering wheel correctly. Driving instructors most often offer drivers to get used to one of two schemes. Both prescribe to put your hands on the steering wheel in accordance with the position of digits on the clock dial. The first scheme is 10 and 2. The second scheme is 9 and 3. It is extremely important to always hold the steering wheel with both hands.

  1. A comfortable chair

You can not just plunge into the driver’s seat and remain satisfied with yourself. It is very important to sit down and sit correctly. First, you need to position the seat so that your leg is slightly bent when the brake pedal is fully depressed. The backrest should be adjusted to an almost vertical position. Preferably, you should sit with your wrists free in relation to the steering wheel and with your shoulder blades touching the backrest.

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