5 ways to save car fuel in winter

In winter the fuel consumption of the car increases noticeably. At the same time, the cost of operating your favorite car also increases. The worst situation is for those who use the car as a daily vehicle, driving it both to work and for any other business. Saving on fuel in the snow and freezing temperatures will, frankly, not easy, but something can still be done.

Refuse from long warming up

Not to warm up the car in principle during winter time is impossible. Regardless of the type of engine, fuel and gearbox, warming up was and remains a must. Especially in severe frosts. Without it the units and mechanisms of the car will wear out much faster. However, work at idling consumes a considerable quantity of fuel. Therefore, you should not warm up the car for too long. Normally, 5 minutes is enough while clearing snow from the body and windows.

Avoid abrupt movements

Just as you should not brake sharply without reason, do not pick up speed sharply. By the way, it is useful to refuse abrupt maneuvers without reason in principle, not only in winter… Nevertheless, in cold weather, any “pedal to the floor” besides the clutch increases fuel consumption. Also it is necessary to limit maximum speed in winter time. You should not accelerate in cold weather even up to 100 km/h.

Check the pressure in tires

If the pressure in the wheels in the wintertime is 0.25-0.3 bar below the norm, it would increase fuel consumption by 5-7%, depending on a particular car. Therefore, do not forget to arrange a routine inspection of the wheels. It is definitely worth checking the wheels within a day after the last inflation. Very often, in winter, warm expanded air enters the tires. When such wheels cool down in the frost, the pressure in them is much lower than normal.

Clean the body

There is a legend that Porsche or Bugatti once made fun of car body designers by saying that aerodynamics is necessary for those who can’t design engines! It sounds nice, but nevertheless, exactly aerodynamics of car body has one of the most dramatic influences on fuel consumption. Therefore, do not be lazy to clean your car from snow.

Get rid of everything superfluous

Many modern cars are literally stuffed with electronics. The problem is that all of it increases fuel consumption. Especially it concerns all kinds of additional heaters. For example, under passenger seats. It is possible to refuse some accessories within the limits of reasonable in winter. It will allow saving an extra penny. Examine your car thoroughly, maybe you have something that works and consumes, but you do not use it.

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