7 annoying mistakes of drivers in accidents that can cause a lot of trouble

A traffic accident is a nuisance, from which even the most careful and experienced driver is not immune. Unfortunately, anything can happen on the road. He may not be the culprit, but the victim, and it is also a party to the accident.

Commonplace loss of control often becomes the factor which adds some more to one trouble.

What mistakes of drivers can be named the most widespread?

An attempt to escape

Alas, in the modern world it is almost impossible to remain unnoticed: CCTV cameras are waiting for everyone. They can be hidden, as in some public places, but they can also be in the front of the house or on a street lamp.

And if the driver hit someone else’s car or hit a person without stopping and rendering assistance, that’s a full-fledged violation of the law. It is naive to hope that he will not be found and prosecuted. At a minimum, it is deprivation of the right for a long term, and if there was a place of leaving in danger, then it is already a criminal article.

Also, do not forget that there will certainly be witnesses. And even forensic experts, examining the place of the accident, will definitely find something interesting – for example, a mirror fragment or paint.

Independent rendering of the help to the victim

This is the other side of the coin, when it seems that the guilty person wants to make up for his/her guilt. It is better to act more soberly and call an ambulance to the accident scene, even if the victim assures you that he or she is fine.

In addition, you can not help the victim, not knowing how to do it correctly – there is a risk that you can make it worse.

Do not exclude, for example, such a course of events, that one of his relatives will be pushy and scandalous. And after finding out all the circumstances will certainly write a statement. Yes, and injuries are also different: a person can assure you that he is fine, but after a while he will open bleeding, or he lost consciousness. It is not worth risking either yourself or the victims.

Confusion and inaction

Immediately after the accident, it is necessary to put the car on the handbrake, to put a special sign, denoting an emergency stop. And it is undesirable to examine the car on your own until the arrival of specialists.

Quite often it is fraught with danger – for example, an unexpected fire. Therefore, it is ideal to take a position at a safe distance from the vehicles and not look under the wheels.

Trying to negotiate verbally and without police involvement

Yes, at first glance it is very tempting: pay off, thereby compensating for the damage caused, so that nowhere this trouble will show up. Many are worried about their own reputation, because it is almost impossible to hide the situation with the protocol from the family or co-workers. Why is it considered a mistake?

The fact is that people are different. Including dishonest ones. It is not a fact that the person who received the money, after some time has passed, will not declare what happened.

It turns out that the guilty party will suffer twice: first he was actually extorted money, and then accused of leaving the scene of the accident.

But if such situation takes place, it is better to insure: take pictures of the accident place, exchange mutual receipts with signatures that both participants have no claims. There also indicate the amount received, the circumstances of the accident, as well as their passport data. The more details the better (time and place, braking distance, damage, markings).

Clarification of relations

This is a somewhat different case than described above: when drivers start to argue, threaten each other and even try to fight.

It is better not to approach the aggressive participants of the incident, but to get in the car and block the doors. You do not know what the other person has in mind: it is quite possible that he is inadequate.

Inattention when executing the euro-protocol

Yes, at first it may seem that this is a simple formality, but if there are serious mistakes, you can remain without compensation, and even the most guilty. Therefore, describe the damage must be as detailed as possible, do not miss a single box, fix every detail.

Also specify the name of the street, road surface condition, weather conditions, nearby road signs, traffic direction and other factors that may be relevant to the accident.

Aggressive behavior during the protocol

Quite a common phenomenon: the driver is nervous and agitated and openly disturbs the officers. He is sure in his own correctness and in advance suspects the policeman of unfairness and bias. Though in fact he can be guilty just without admitting it.

There is also the opposite situation with regard to the last point: a person signs a completely blank sheet, blindly relying on the decency of the police. It is categorically impossible to do this: you do not know what they will write there and what claims they will make.

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