7 cars that boast rust-resistant bodywork

There are many cars on the market that can boast rust-resistant bodywork. There are such cars and among the quite budget models, which is especially important for most fellow citizens. Some cars are well known and others are almost not in demand due to a number of reasons. Today we will talk about the most popular cars, the bodies of which are verified by years of service.

Peugeot 307

In this case we are talking about cars made in 2001-2007. Even today such cars can be found on the secondary market in good condition. Anyway, if we talk about the body. Do not let the paintwork be damaged and remove the slightest hints of rust in time, and then Peugeot 307 will serve you for many years.

Volkswagen Passat

A car with a galvanized body, which does not need any extra introductions. Even if the year of manufacture of Passat will be somewhere out of the 1990s, there is a high probability that the body of such car will still be in good condition. Certainly, provided that the car for all past years has never appeared beaten up or seriously scratched.

Volkswagen Golf

Another coryphaeus of the market, which continues to be in great demand in the market. General unpretentiousness of the car, cheapness and simplicity perfectly complemented by a reliable body. The only “but” is that the car should be assembled in Germany. Alas, the cars assembled at local facilities can not boast the same high quality of a body.

Audi A6 C4

Another German car with a reliable and survivable body, which is definitely worth remembering and taking note of. Let it be said that A6 C4 is not a young car, production began in 1994, but it is still very good. The real “old school”. At least, if it concerns the examples assembled in Germany.

Volvo S40

The years go by and the Volvo S40 is still on the road. One of the clearest illustrations for the thesis that “it used to be better”. It’s best to take models from 2002. The S40’s body anti-corrosion treatment was at a very high level. If it were just a little bit better, and this Volvo would get even better over the years, like a good wine.

Toyota Camry XV40

Japanese cars also do not need any special introduction for most compatriots. As for the Camry, you can take the car even today. But only if we are talking about cars with XV40 body. Among the most frequent “sore spots” of the car are problems with underbody fasteners and subframe.


A quality modern car that also boasts a very good anti-corrosion body treatment. You can also take the “old” model BMW X5. We should remind you that the production of this lineup started in 1999. Today the X5 is a car with one of the densest layers of zinc protection. Moreover, all cars have double-sided zinc coating.

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