7 largest turboprops in the history of mankind

Despite the development of jet engines, turboprop aviation is in no hurry to leave the air transport market. Giant-sized machines with propellers on their wings continue to ply the skies between and within countries, carrying huge amounts of cargo every day. Today it’s time to remember the biggest turboprops, specifically those that boast the longest fuselage.

Short Belfast – 41.58 meters

British heavy turboprop cargo-passenger aircraft designed in 1964. Used exclusively by the Royal Air Force. In 1966 it was the largest aircraft in its class. A total of 10 such machines were produced. Produced the board for 4 years.

Canadair CL-44 – 41.73 meters

British turboprop airliner, born in 1969. In fact, this machine is the result of a deep modernization of the Bristol Type 175 Britannia. The distinctive feature of this airliner is the ability to load through “breaking” the fuselage at the tail end.

Aero Spacelines Super Guppy – 43.84 meters

One of the strangest aircraft in the history of the aviation industry. The Guppy freighter is still in use to this day. The first plane was created back in 1965. A total of four of these machines were produced. In addition to four propeller engines, the aircraft is also equipped with four solid rocket units. The latter were used only to take the plane off the ground.

The Airbus A400M – 45.1 meters

The turboprop transport aircraft appeared in 2009. It is used for cargo transportation. The main operators of course are NATO countries. On board the A400M can accommodate 120 people or 66 stretchers with accompanying medical personnel.

Douglas C-133 Cargomaster – 47.01 meters

Another military transport aircraft of the United States. The machine is currently not in use. After all, it was produced as far back as 1956. At the same time, the turboprop aircraft became one of the most mass-produced in the history of its family. A total of 50 C-133s were made.

Tu-114 – 54.1 meters

Soviet turboprop aircraft with four engines produced in 1957. The 114th was designed on the basis of the strategic bomber Tu-95. The unique machine was and still is the fastest turboprop aircraft in the world. Including for this reason, both the Tu-114 and Tu-95 are still used today.

An-22 – 57.3 meters

The largest turboprop aircraft in the world, if you count by fuselage length. The heavy transporter was built to carry people as well as to airlift military equipment. It can carry 290 infantrymen or 120 paratroopers. Maximum payload reaches 80 tons. The aircraft is still in service. There is one such aircraft in service in Ukraine.

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