7 places under the hood that need regular cleaning

The question of washing under the hood has become a stumbling block for many car owners. Some are unreservedly in favor, because they are sure that cleanliness is a guarantee of normal operation and long service life of the car. And others consider the procedure unnecessary and even harmful. However, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness, as dust, dirt and sweat badly affect the functioning of the most important units. The main thing is to know what places under the hood should be washed. About it – in our material.

Why to wash under the hood

Many specialists consider the procedure pointless and very harmful and therefore categorically oppose it. And meanwhile, cleaning in the underhood space is still recommended, especially if the machine is operated intensively or in difficult conditions.

Washing is necessary for the following reasons:

  • A large build-up of dust on internal components complicates heat exchange and impairs the vehicle’s performance. Washing removes the artificial hindrance, returning the engine to its original characteristics.
  • Foreign deposits negatively affect the operation of many nodes: provoke current leakage, complicate the functioning of sensors. All this leads to failures, and subsequently – to the failure of the power plant.
  • Keeping the engine clean eliminates the risks of negative impact of the environment and road reagents. Washing prevents the occurrence and development of corrosion, prevents insulation damage.
  • Visual inspection and condition monitoring of gaskets and oil seals is improved. This helps to detect damage and take action in time, which in turn has a positive effect on the safety of vehicle operation.

When and what to wash under the hood

If you want to wash under the cover just for the sake of maintaining cleanliness, it is better to abandon this venture. Without a good reason, you should not get under there. Otherwise, you can damage sensitive electronics and wiring. Another danger is rust. It can be provoked by residual water and chemical reagents.

Washing under the hood is necessary if the inside is clogged with dirt after an off-road run, or when the space has not been cleaned for several years. Experts also advise cleaning under the hood after the winter season is over to remove any residue from chemicals and road substances. More thorough care is required in several places.

Battery terminals

Over time and due to road reagents, the contacts oxidize, making it difficult to start the engine. If you do not clean the deposits in time, then after a short period of time you will have to deal with a more serious problem. Therefore, it is better to buy the problem at the initial stage.

Clean oxides can be cleaned mechanically or chemically.In the first case, sandpaper, a stiff toothbrush is used, and in the case of minor deposits – a felt cloth. Of chemical methods can recommend washing with a soda solution. Naturally, all operations should be carried out after disconnecting and removing the battery.

Electrical wiring

Wash the wires, of course, it is not worth it, but it is necessary to clean from dust. To do this, you need to use special means for dry cleaning of wiring. Before proceeding to the procedure, the wiring should be inspected. If you find loose, melted wires, they must be replaced immediately. Otherwise, they can provoke breakdown of electrical equipment, and in the worst case – ignition.

Engine number

You should not forget about the serial code on the engine. In many cars, it is located in a hard-to-reach place, so it is rarely cleaned. Over time, the number can hide under a layer of rust, which can be difficult to remove. And an unreadable license plate number will naturally arouse suspicion of traffic police inspectors, and you will get problems on an empty place. Therefore, do not forget to regularly clean the data on the engine, so as not to create unnecessary difficulties for yourself.

The area underneath the cowl

To be more precise, it is not the cover plate that needs to be cleaned, but the area underneath it.If you lift up the gill, you will definitely see a layer of dirt, small debris and dust. All this mixes with water and then enters the gutters, clogging them. As a result, the water will seep through other openings into the cabin or air conditioner instead of its allotted path. This will cause the filter and evaporator to break down or cause rapid rusting in various areas of the engine panel.

In addition to this, the paintwork in the area of the jabot will also suffer. So from time to time you should look under the cover and remove dirt.

Wiper mechanism

The wiper blades are driven by a motor located next to the windshield. Next to it, in some cars there may be a motor control unit. Both elements are very sensitive to moisture, so they can fail early. And their replacement costs a lot of money.

So make it a rule to remove the windshield cover every 30 thousand kilometers and remove accumulated grease. Do not forget to clean the gutters as well.

Intercooler radiator

Manufacturers most often install the device near the wheel or in any other place with increased pollution. During driving, dirt, reagents, fluff and other debris fly onto it. All this deposits on the honeycomb and makes it difficult to cool the powertrain.

If the intercooler radiator is not cleaned, then in a very short time it will lead to overheating and turbine failure. Therefore, it is important to inspect it regularly and remove accumulated dirt. Especially inside, as this is the part that collects the most debris.

External radiator

The grille quickly becomes contaminated with dust, insects, bird and plant fluff. Such a “blanket” prevents normal engine cooling and hinders its operation. All you need to do is clean off all the dirt and wash the grille with soapy water. And for this purpose it is even possible not to remove it.

Many experts do not recommend washing the underhood space, so as not to damage sensitive electronics, wiring and other components. However, there are elements that require regular care.Therefore, do not forget to keep them clean.

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