7 quality Chinese cars of 2022, not inferior to their Western counterparts

The Chinese have finally started to create their own cars, moving away from copying other people’s ideas, and they are getting better at it. They have learned to solve quality problems and have become very competitive on a global scale. Here are a few of their latest achievements – models for which the creators do not have to blush.

Chery Tiggo 8

The surprisingly roomy Tiggo 8 is the new flagship in the Chery lineup, a brand looking to establish itself and cast off its past under a new banner. You get a versatile family crossover the size of the CX-9, which is about twice as expensive. Sure, the Mazda has more driver-focused refinements and engineering, but given the cost difference, it’s an acceptable compromise.

The Tiggo 8 has really good value for money. It makes such a good first impression that buyers wonder, “What’s the catch?” Yes, it lacks finesse in body control during braking and emergency stops. But it has 12 variants of transformation of space, a luggage compartment with capacity up to 1930 liters and (unlike many 7-seater cars) really comfortable third row, comfortable even for adults.

Luxurious seven-seat cabin is literally bathed in prestigious materials; perceived build quality and detailing is also excellent.

In addition, the “Chinese” is well soundproofed and equipped with every conceivable convenient function – from nice little things like wireless phone charging and automatic wipers to the digital dashboard, voice control and an all-inclusive infotainment center with a clear screen and support for Apple/Android platforms.

It has a great 8-speaker audio system, a 360-degree camera, front/rear parking sensors, intelligent high beam control, accidental door opener prevention, a full range of driver assistance, and plenty of other appealing things. Even in the most affordable version, the standard package is impressively generous.

Geely Tugella

The Tugella cross-coupe is another interesting Chinese car and a worthy competitor to its Western counterparts. Impressive quality of materials and assembly, internal convenience and a rich set of functions – this car has everything to make it feel luxurious.

Attractive, European-style solid exterior with a sports bias is supplemented by a cozy, ergonomic interior, a wide group of assistance/safety devices, high ground clearance, and vigorous dynamics.

The 238-horsepower two-liter engine is not the most powerful, but it’s enough to make the car feel great in the metropolis, and on the highway.

Haval Jolion

This 4.5-meter crossover, impressive with its clear lines and bold design language, entered the market under the slogan “New technology – new convenience”. The model may not be the most innovative we’ve seen in recent years, but it’s done conscientiously.

Stylish and modern design, comfortable interior with pleasant to the touch materials, excellent maneuverability and easy handling. A beautiful car with well-thought-out ergonomics, quality performance, rich equipment and a minimum of drawbacks.

Dongfeng Aeolus A9

The Aeolus A9 has received a lot of good marks last year. The latest modification of the flagship business sedan is characterized by a high quality of workmanship and reliability.

A stylish silhouette with soft dynamic outlines, in a spacious, well isolated from the outside noise pleasant plastics perfectly harmonize with the elegant wood d├ęcor and glittering aluminum inserts.

Comfortable seats, covered with quality upholstery (up to natural leather in top versions), please with their well-thought-out profile and convenient adjustment. Inside the car you will find all the benefits of civilization – from the full power package, sunroof and 4-zone climate control to the all-encompassing security system, multifunctional infotainment center and a wide range of driver assistance.

Changan CS35

The model, which has been in production since 2012, has turned out to be a success. During its existence, it has collected so many positive reviews that its virtues are hard to doubt. All materials outside and inside are high quality, durable and pleasant to look at, the interior is carefully thought out and conscientiously executed, the equipment is excellent, the assembly/finishing at a high level.

Pleasant impressions from the car itself, and from the ride, which are shared by thousands of users on forums, prove that you should not be afraid of Chinese cars – today they are not worse than many European foreign cars.

Lifan X50

This five-door compact with a modern, semi-sporty design is considered a good alternative to promoted Western counterparts and one of the most successful models of the manufacturer. Buyers are attracted not only by the democratic price and long warranty, but also by the craftsmanship: despite belonging to the budget segment, the model often flashes in the top ratings of the most long-lived and high-quality “Chinese”.

The exterior is attractive, the interior is neat and orderly, and the interior impresses with its attention to detail and good-quality, hard-wearing materials. Among other things, the car has good technical characteristics and an impressive arsenal of auxiliary technologies, providing a pleasant and safe ride.

Brilliance V5

Another example of a budget car, which thrives contrary to the stereotypes about the low quality of cheap Chinese products. Yes, in the first years of release the model caused a lot of criticism, but the recent update has significantly improved its image.

A stylish and durable body, softly closing doors, cozy interior with elements of sports style, comfortable seats and solid suspension, skillfully smoothing out the roughness of the road, is worthy of separate praise. The restyling has significantly improved the on-board computer, reduced noise and vibration, improved the controls, and increased overall driving pleasure.

This parkette is not one of the most luxurious, high-performance or high-tech cars, but it is not the last in its price segment in terms of quality of performance.

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