7 things flight attendants prefer to keep quiet about

An airplane is considered one of the safest modes of transportation on the planet because it has the best statistics. Before the flight, flight attendants conduct the traditional briefing. However, there are many “features” in flight operations, which flight attendants prefer to keep delicately silent. Today we will talk about them.

The lavatory door can be opened from both sides

In fact, the toilet on board an airplane can easily be opened even from the outside relative to the stall right when someone is in it. Flight attendants have special keys for this unpleasant business. This is not necessary at all for “breach of decorum”, but in case a person gets sick in a closed toilet and needs to be rescued.

The truth about turbulence

An airplane always unpleasantly “rocks” when you pass turbulence. But in reality, there is no need to worry about this. Modern airplanes can handle this kind of stress just fine. Interesting fact: in the entire history of aviation, there has never been a single passenger transport accident because of turbulence.

Special meals

Usually it is not too much talked about, but the crew and passengers have separate kitchens. The point here is not some kind of crew elitism or, on the contrary, neglecting it. It’s necessary for safety reasons. Pilots not only have their own kitchen, but they eat strictly different food so as not to get poisoned at the same time. The same applies to flight attendants.

It’s best not to gorge yourself

Alcohol at high altitude, even inside the fuselage of the plane, affects the human body in a different way than on the ground. In general and in general we can say that: a glass drunk in the sky is equal to about 1.5-2 glasses of similar alcoholic beverages drunk on solid ground. In other words, you shouldn’t get too drunk on liquor.

Giving up water

Since 2002, many air carriers have had problems with the quality of water on board aircraft. For this reason, many flight attendants never drink tea or coffee made on an airliner. Passengers are also advised to follow the example of the crew and consume only bottled water.

Smartphones are not harmful in any way

One of the most popular requests during the flight is to turn off all smartphones and other mobile equipment. In fact, electronic equipment can in no way interfere with the operation of modern aviation equipment. Most flight attendants are asked to turn off potential sources of unnecessary noise that interfere with their work and rest for other passengers.

General cleaning once a month

An intriguing fact that few people know is that most airplanes get a general cleaning about once a month. This means that the surfaces in the airplane are not as clean as they look. The very reason to be “a little” squeamish in your life.

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