7 useful accessories that will put an end to car interior clutter

Keeping order inside the car can be difficult, especially if you often travel with children and pets. Therefore, we decided to collect a list of the most useful accessories for the cabin, which should be in the assortment of every motorist.

For dog owners

If you often travel with your dogs, especially large breeds, it’s difficult to transport them without assistance. And your four-legged friend is unlikely to be happy to be in the car for a long time without a comfortable seat.

To avoid trouble on the road, you can use – special protective grids, fixed between the seats and the area where you place the pet.

There are different variants and types of gratings in the manufacturer’s model range, and you can order their creation according to an individual project for a particular type of car. The presence of quick-release catches makes it easy to securely fasten the accessory. Then your dog’s muddy paws will never stain the interior trim, and if you suddenly press the brake pedal, your pet won’t get hurt.

Additional advantages of such inventions is the organization of the combined area, where the pet and things placed in the trunk are intelligently separated by a partition.

Fixture for air purification

In the off-season, at the peak of various allergies and seasonal diseases, special lamps for disinfecting the air become extremely popular, and portable UV-circulator for cars can disinfect the air directly during the stay in the cabin of passengers.

The device operates from a 12-volt cigarette lighter, but can be reconstituted under a 24-volt network. Of its main advantages mentioned compactness and efficiency. Bactericidal emitter treats the air in the cabin to eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria.

You can mount the unit in any convenient location (such as the trunk shelf, between the seats, or on the ceiling). You can also hide it by installing it under the seat.

To organize things in the trunk

If you are looking for useful car accessories, you should obviously pay attention to interesting products for organizing space in the trunk, where many small items and accessories often accumulate.

Manufactured devices are so high quality that it is difficult to confuse them with the factory equipment of automobile concern Skoda, KIA, Volkswagen.

Large trunk organizers

There are special systems for storing things in the trunk, allowing you to turn it into a full-fledged pantry. These are sliding drawers with opening lids, which are fixed by means of quality fittings, are covered with carpeting and a large space reserve. With their help, you can organize the arrangement of all sorts of luggage.

Pop-up luggage compartment floor

Retractable modules and functional shelves for minivans. The former are designed to make loading items into the luggage compartment more comfortable, while the latter are needed to divide the space into multiple levels.

Thus, you can not worry that fragile and delicate items – such as crystal or bought a cake, will be jammed with other items, and to get access to things on the lower tier will not have to unload all the stuff on the ground.

In turn, the retractable modules make unloading things easy, and when you go out in nature, they turn into a table or chair.

Tent on the roof

Fans of road trips, anglers and other lovers of outdoor activities will appreciate the tent, which is mounted on the roof of the car. Such an invention allows you to arrange an unforgettable night under the stars, and then fold it and continue the journey.

Noise insulation on the roof rack

If your car is equipped with an extra roof rack, you are probably annoyed by the noise it creates against the aerodynamic drag while driving.

We offer an interesting solution in the form of facings – special flat panels made of elastic material, redirecting the oncoming flow to reduce noise and air resistance. As a result, fuel consumption is significantly reduced.

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