8 luxurious and unusual options that only premium cars have

How do you make things as luxurious as possible to make wealthy people spend all their savings on them? After all, true fans of sophistication and luxury do not choose ordinary homes, food and cars, but look for something exclusive. However, to surprise someone with a touch pad of multimedia system or armchairs with massage functions will not be possible any more. Therefore, carmakers have to look for new ways and even more ingenious ideas for attraction of spoiled audience.

Aromatization system in the Mercedes S-class

The premium lineup of Mercedes S-class cars has always stood out for its incredible luxury and elegance. They are aimed at those customers who are not used to denying themselves anything, and take the best from life. Marketers of the German automobile concern are well aware of the audience that buys these cars, so they put special emphasis on the highest level of comfort and rich on-board equipment, which has exclusive options that are unavailable in the middle or budget class.

To meet the demands of discerning customers, a fragrance system with unique glass vials has been added to the Mercedes S-Class. Using the on-board computer, the driver can select different fragrances, adjust the system’s operation on a schedule, and change the intensity of the scent spray.

Four branded fragrances are available for the Mercedes S-class. One bottle costs around 60 euros, and the scent lasts up to 1 year. Given the experience of previous luxury options, we can expect that such a refresher for the rich will appear in other cars in the near future.

Starlight Headliner option in Rolls-Royce

When it comes to Rolls-Royce cars, they are an indication of luxury and luxury class in themselves, as they are aimed at the wealthiest motorists. However, even the most futuristic features lose relevance over time, and brands are forced to find new ways to retain a prestigious audience. In the fight for the savings of the rich, Rolls-Royce designers have developed the Starlight Headliner complex.

It is a unique system, creating a projection of the starry sky on the ceiling of the cabin. That is, now you can see the panorama of night space, without leaving the car. The equipment is installed by hand for each customer individually, and the setup takes 17 hours.

To do this, a perforation is made in the headliner with the optimum pattern, and then tiny fiber-optic lights are mounted in the holes at different angles. In turn, the on-board computer can control the strength of the glow and change the color schemes. The cost of such an option is also appropriate and reaches $17,000.

Bentley mechanical watch

The mid-sized premium urban crossover Bentley Bentayga is dominated by numerous advantages that are unique to this automobile concern. Among them is the mechanical Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon watch located on the dashboard. The product possesses an ultra-precise tourbillon movement that compensates the earth’s gravity and ensures maximum accuracy. The accessory itself is available in two materials, white or rose gold, and can be mounted in a special slot or put on the hand.

Of course, such an option is designed for the most sophisticated buyers, as the cost of the watch reaches 150,000 euros. In practice, it is only 10,000 euros cheaper than the cost of the car itself.

Champagne consoles

Leading car companies that specialize in superluxury cars most likely assume by default that their customers are true connoisseurs of champagne. And in the case of the Mercedes S600, this trend is confirmed in reality. After all, this model provides room for a console with an on-board refrigerator and champagne flutes with holders between the rear seats.

In 2018, a similar idea appeared in BMW premium cars, with the interesting idea of filling the flutes from below. This allows passengers in the back seats to enjoy their favorite beverage without having to pick up a bottle.

A similar option is present in the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. There is a console in the center of the back of the rear seat with a small compartment for a fridge for alcoholic drinks and two glasses. You can also complete the system with a mini-bar on wheels.

Maybach granite trim on the interior and exterior

Maybach is well aware of who it designs its superluxury cars for, so it pays a lot of attention to luxury options. Among them are granite finishes, which are often found in the design of bathtubs and countertops.

Granite elements are present point-by-point on certain interior elements that pose no threat to the driver and passenger in the event of an accident. Among them is automatic transmission console. The cost of such option is 60 thousand dollars. There are also more expensive packages, but there the price tags depend on the individual peculiarities of the interior.

Acoustic system in Aston Martin

Engineers of Aston Martin took into account the wishes of their clients, among whom there are a lot of avid music lovers who make increased demands to the speaker systems in their car. That is why the brand’s models were equipped with retractable tweeters produced by Bang & Olufsen (a leading manufacturer of Hi-End class sound equipment).

These elements are hidden in the dashboard and extend when you turn on the music, creating directional sound in the direction of the ears. The cost of the option is $7,000.

Porsche leather upholstery deflectors

A deflector refers to a ventilation duct that allows fresh air into the cabin. In budget and middle class cars, this element is closed with a plastic grid, but in the Porsche models decided to abandon such a cheap material in favor of leather. Such trim costs about $1,000. In addition, buyers can order leather trim for the seatbelts, steering column and sun visors.

Sheep’s wool mats

Bentley’s designers thought long and hard about how else to surprise their wealthy customers, and so they added cooled, heated massage seats with 14 settings to the comfortable Bentley Flying Spur luxury car. In addition, they added mats, covered with sheep’s wool under the driver’s feet – such an option will cost 2 thousand dollars.

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