8 popular myths about motorcycles

Motorcycles have been traveling around the world for a long time, and it is not surprising that a large number of statements about this form of transport have taken root in society and gained popularity. However, not all of them are true, and if some have ceased to be credible, because the bikes themselves have changed, while others were originally erroneous, and many even today continue to believe in them. Here are eight popular myths about motorcycles.

The age of motorcyclists is not long

There has been a perception for many years that motorcyclists are much more likely to be injured and killed than car drivers or pedestrians. However at the modern stage it is more likely to call this statement obsolete. In fact for the last decade the technological progress allows modernizing motorcycles in such a way, that to drop it having necessary skills for driving and, certainly, instinct of self-preservation, it is necessary to try hard. Therefore, if a sensible and responsible person to get behind the wheel of a bike, the motorcycle for him to be a source of extreme, euphoria, and just endless fun.

Falling from a motorcycle – the inevitable receipt of serious injuries

It is a natural fact that a fall from a motorcycle will entail all sorts of injuries, and this is at best. Still, minimizing the damage is quite possible. To do this, you need to have the proper equipment, as well as certain skills, because even fall from the bike can be correct. With all of these components, the chance of serious damage is greatly reduced. Moreover, there are enough cases in history when motorcyclists have fallen dozens of times and at the same time not even once ended up in the hospital.

A motorcycle is an expensive pleasure

It is considered that a motorcycle is very expensive. However, if you compare it to the same car, the two-wheeled horse wins in relative cheapness.

You can violate traffic rules with impunity on a motorcycle, and no one will catch you

Before, it might have seemed that motorcyclists are so capable of breaking the same speed limit that it is simply impossible to catch them. Except lately, there are a lot of cameras on the roads all over the world that “shoot under the tail.” So now many people simply do not notice the “all-seeing eye” on the route, and violating traffic rules, are surprised to receive a fine receipt for an impressive amount. And other violations are successfully dealt with by the motorcycle police, which are also annually becoming more and more numerous.

Motorcyclists gather in gangs and commit crimes

To be fair, it is worth noting that this statement is more like following a cinematic cliché, but some do believe it. However, in vain, because despite the existence of criminal gangs riding motorcycles, their proportion in reality is much lower than it may seem. Traditionally, criminals prefer to ride four-wheeled vehicles, and motorcycles are more often chosen by bikers, who are not criminals, but simply lovers of speed and two-wheeled horses, but they can be called a subculture rather than a gang.

The appearance of a motorcycle guarantees increased attention from the opposite sex

Another popular cliché, which is actively exploited in popular culture, especially in cinema, is that if a boy or a girl is riding a motorcycle, they must be cool and attractive. Of course, the dignity of a good person can be emphasized by two-wheeled transport, but not more than other accessories. But on the qualities of the man it will not affect, so to acquire a motorcycle only to establish a personal life is not the best decision.

You will not be able to transport luggage on a motorcycle.

Traditionally, when mentioning the motorcycle, we remember a compact transport that simply is not able to carry luggage, and in order to obtain this function, we would have to buy a big, bulky bike. However, such a statement is fundamentally wrong: in today’s market you can long ago find either specialized or universal luggage system, which is quite realistic to install on almost any motorcycle, as well as a special kind of backpacks and luggage nets, which are more compact and easy to use.

Riding a motorcycle in the rain is not safe

This misconception seems to extend to motorcycles by analogy to convertibles. But today for motorcyclists have long been invented and actively marketed a whole set of equipment that allows you to protect against the weather. Among such gadgets and attachments are raincoats, membrane motorboots and gloves, helmets with ventilation and anti-fogging visor function, and, actually, a motorcycle with heated handlebars, as well as the presence of anti-lock and anti-spin systems.

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