9 proven ways to significantly save car fuel

Sometimes the art of saving precious liters of fuel can save a life. Probably every driver is familiar with the situation when the low fuel light turns on at the most inopportune moment, when the nearest gas station is still many kilometers away. And if in summer such situation is not so critical, in winter it can directly threaten the life of the driver and passengers.

How to reduce fuel consumption without leaving the car

A closeup of a backlit illuminated gas gage with the needle indicating a near full tank on an isolated dark background

Fuel consumption is affected by many factors, over which the driver has direct power. Here are a few simple ways to save fuel along the way:

  1. In order to drive a few extra kilometers, which just might not be enough to the nearest gas station, just turn off the air conditioner. In this case, even in the scorching heat is not recommended to open the windows, so as not to create the effect of braking the oncoming air flow.
  2. Besides air conditioner, other electronic devices, which can also be switched off, will help to reduce petrol consumption: video recorder, car stereo, smartphone charging, heated windows, driver’s and passenger’s seats.
  3. On all-wheel drive cars, you need to disable the rear-wheel drive clutch, which will have a favorable effect on fuel consumption.
  4. If there is such a possibility, you can switch the car to economical fuel consumption mode. For example, in Korean cars, the economy mode allows you to quickly switch from 125 hp to 90, and save up to two liters per 100 km.
  5. In the city it is recommended to follow the rule of “Green wave”. For this purpose it is enough to stick to the recommended speed on certain sections of the road and drive at least one traffic light at this speed. The work of traffic lights in settlements, as a rule, is adjusted under this principle of work, so it is possible to pass through the whole city without haste, not stopping at any red signal, saving time and fuel.
  6. On the highway the best speed would be 70 km / h in 4th gear. Stay on the right side, press the gas pedal smoothly, avoiding jerks and sudden acceleration, and most likely you will get to the nearest gas station on your own.

Thus, any driver can keep enough fuel in the tank of his car even after the pesky lamp lights up and drive up to one and a half times more kilometers without unpleasant excesses. But sometimes it may require technical intervention from the outside to achieve the goal.

Three technical ways to reduce fuel consumption

The rate at which the gas/air mixture will be absorbed by the engine cylinders is determined by the vehicle’s degree of congestion, as well as by the presence of seemingly minor restrictions – such as flat tires.

  1. Undoubtedly, on country routes, such “Air” tires can facilitate the easier passage of difficult road sections, but if you went to the track with an almost empty tank, then, having pumped up the wheels above the due, there is a chance to make it to the gas station without accidents.

For maximum effect, it is recommended to inflate the tires 4 points higher than the factory values. If the data sheet says the wheels are inflated to 2.2 atmospheres, you will need to inflate them to 2.6.

  1. Another solid obstacle in the way of air flow will be the trunk of the car, mounted on the roof. Few people know that the fuel consumption of the same car traveling at the same speed with and without a trunk can differ by a whole liter! For fuel economy, this is a significant indicator.
  2. The most powerful fuel consumption booster is the trailer, especially if it is loaded to the brim. During the daytime it makes sense to stop in a safe place, disconnect the trailer, secure it from rolling away, drive to the gas station and return. Naturally, it is necessary to leave an adult next to the valuable cargo.

Another option for solving the problem with the trailer, if you are alone in the car, would be a fuel delivery service, which is recommended to use only as a last resort, because it is quite expensive.

Indirect ways of saving fuel

In order for the car to consume the optimal amount of fuel, it is necessary to operate it properly.

Many drivers follow all the above rules, but forget about the elementary change of the air filter at every change of season. But a clogged “air filter” can seriously increase a car’s fuel consumption!

The increased consumption is also caused by spark plugs, ignition wires and coils, which are reaching the end of their working life. If one of the spark plugs is working intermittently, in addition to the fact that the engine starts farting, the fuel consumption will also increase significantly.

Are you sure you know what gas station has the best quality gasoline? But this is very useful information, because the higher-quality fuel is, the lower is its consumption, it is proved! And the problems with the repair of the power unit in the future will be much less. For example, low-quality gasoline can lead to clogging of the fuel system, which will precede the cosmic fuel consumption – in two or three times higher than the norm.

If the mileage on your car is more than 150 thousand kilometers, and the gasoline consumption increases for no apparent reason, pay attention to the condition of the clutch. Its wear and tear is one of the reasons for a significant increase in fuel consumption.

Very few experienced drivers are aware of the fact that the old battery may negatively influence the fuel consumption of the car. But it is a legitimate fact. The sensors, due to interruptions in the delivery of electric signals, start giving wrong information about the engine operation, and as a result the increased voracity of the power unit becomes a frequent occurrence. It is recommended to change the battery every five years, even if it looks all right.

You can reduce the unreasonably high consumption by looking into a car service. It is quite possible that your car has intensive air intake through the manifold, which also “eats up” a certain amount of fuel.

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