Ava Hyperclassic Stingray: Restomod-Corvette mit 2,000 PS

The start-up Ava from Ireland announces a classic Corvette with plenty of electric power. Prominent names from the automotive industry are behind the project.

Restomod projects are all the rage. And as the spirit of the times would have it, the focus is increasingly on conversions to electric drives. Now Ava from Ireland is getting ready to play along.

The Corvette C2 with split-window serves as the basis.

The Corvette C2 Stingray with split-window from 1963 was chosen for the modernization, but it is to be slightly modified optically and, above all, equipped with an electric drive train. In terms of looks, the Corvette is in prominent hands. The team behind the Ava Hyperclassic Stingray includes designer Peter Brock, who worked for GM for many years and was also part of the design team for the Corvette C2, and Ian Callum, who has shaped numerous Ford, Jaguar and Aston Martin models, among others.

Up to 2,000 electric hp

Ava Hyperclassic Stingray

The Hyperclassic is to be powered by a whopping 2,000 electric hp.

There are only rudimentary details about the powertrain so far. The Hyperclassic will have all-wheel drive and an output somewhere between 1,200 and 2,000 hp. The Restomod Corvette will only be built in a limited edition. The price range is similarly wide as the performance specification. One speaks of 1.2 to two million euros.

More detailed information on the Ava Hyperclassic Stingray will follow in the next few months. However, further models in the Restomod outfit have already been announced.

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Great. Classic design with modern technology – the perfect combination.

Terrible. A classic car has to reflect the state of the art at the time.


A restomod Corvette with up to 2,000 hp power is rolling out of Ireland. The price will be as exorbitant as the performance, the number of units small. With design patrons like Peter Brock and Ian Callum, the look should also be right.

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