Bausatz: Alfetta Type 158 auf Mazda MX-5-Basis



Alfetta Tipo 158 on Mazda MX-5 basis
Kit turns Japan roadster into Alfa racer

A British mechanic and television presenter is offering a kit for converting a Mazda MX-5 into a historic formula racer.

The Mazda MX-5 seems to lend itself to unusual conversions: for example, Spanish coachbuilder Hurtan is turning the Japanese roadster into the 1930s-style Grand Albaycin. British mechanic Ant Anstead, who also works as Mike Brewer’s co-host on the TV show “The Used Car Pros,” now offers an unusual kit that turns the MX-5 into a historic formula car. Visually, the car is based on the Alfa Romeo Tipo 158 (Alfetta). Anstead calls its creation the Tipo 184.

The Tipo 184 (pictured) is based on the legendary Alfa Romeo Tipo 158 “Alfetta” racing car.

With mirror signal manoeuvre kit

The basis for the conversion is a second-generation Mazda MX-5 built from 1998 to 2005 with the model series designation NB. The starter kit, consisting of a grille frame, radiator grille, exhaust system and fairing panels, costs 9,499 pounds (currently about 10,984 euros) without taxes and shipping costs. In addition, there are numerous other kits that make the car complete. Some of these have interesting names: The package consisting of a wooden steering wheel, round plastic exterior mirrors and a small windshield, for example, is called the “Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre Kit.” It costs 880 pounds (1,018 euros).

Tipo 184

The basic kit costs 9,499 pounds (currently about 10,984 euros) without taxes and shipping costs.

More than 19,000 euros – without taxes

Added to this are the single seat, the chassis and brakes, the engine mount, the underbody, the wheels, the fuel tank and cooling system, and the dashboard switches. Makes a total of 16,450 pounds (19,022 euros) – still excluding taxes and shipping. Ant Anstead does not supply the Mazda MX-5 base vehicle.

Tipo 184

These parts are needed by the customer from the base car Mazda MX-5.

Number of cylinders halved, more displacement, less power

As far as the engine is concerned, it remains with the Mazda units of the time with 1.6 and 1.8 liters displacement and 110 and 140 hp respectively. The naturally aspirated four-cylinder engines should have no problem with the lightweight Tipo 184 design. And the 1.8-liter engine with its four cylinders is also the reason for the “184” in the model name. In contrast, the Alfetta used from 1938 to 1950 featured a supercharged 1.5-liter eight-cylinder in-line engine that produced 180 hp in early tests.

Tipo 184

British mechanic Ant Anstead (pictured) is also known as Mike Brewer’s co-host on the TV show “The Used Car Pros”.

The presenter offers a total of ten Tipo 184 conversion kits – and anyone who wants to can carry out the conversion under Anstead’s guidance in his workshop. After the conversion, the vehicle is no longer road legal.


Yes, I like to screw and am happy when the result works.

No, I actually repair as little as possible myself.


With the transformation of a second-generation Mazda MX-5 into a formula racing car that visually dates from the late 1930s, Ant Anstead has achieved a spectacular conversion. The shape and proportions match the Alfa Romeo Tipo 158, which serves as the model for Anstead’s Tipo 184.

For the kit, the customer has to shell out the equivalent of well over 20,000 euros, including taxes, but in return he turns his reliable Mazda into a rare historic formula car – without road registration. That could make it difficult for Ant Anstead to sell the only ten conversion kits.

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