BMW Sim Racing steering wheel fits the real M4 GT3


The racing simulation specialist Fanatec has developed the steering wheel for the M4 GT3 together with BMW – it is also available to computer gamers.

Those who find a real BMW M4 GT3 too expensive to buy and maintain can now make do with the coupe’s racing steering wheel: Racing game developer Fanatec has developed a version of the steering wheel that can be connected to the PC or a Sony Playstation. So if you switch from the computer to a real M4 GT3, or vice versa, you shouldn’t notice any difference in terms of the steering wheel.

The basic construction is also eight-layer carbon.

Can be used in the game and in the car

Fanatec was involved in the development of the BMW racing steering wheel from the very beginning. It is, of course, fully homologated for motorsport. Its base is an eight-layer carbon construction, emblazoned with twelve illuminated pushbuttons – two more pushbuttons are located on the back. There are also thumb controls on the right and left. The center BMW logo is surrounded by three rotary switches, and two magnetically actuated carbon shift paddles peek out from behind the steering wheel on the right and left. A control pad is hidden under the BMW logo itself.

BMW M4 GT3 Lenkrad

The steering wheel can be pulled off the steering column via a quick-release fastener.

The switches are programmed in the real car via the CAN bus and on the computer via Fanatec’s FanaLab system. In true style, the steering wheel can be pulled off the steering column and put back on again using a quick-release fastener. The steering wheel is made on the same production line as the one for the real cars – and M4 GT3 drivers can use it to steer their car without any problems.

BMW M4 Coupé GT3

The BMW M4 GT3 is a fierce racing machine – if you find it too expensive, you can at least buy the steering wheel, which is also suitable for gaming.

Really expensive

The steering wheel has a diameter of 310 millimeters, weighs 1.4 kilograms and is water- and dust-proof according to the IP65 standard. It is compatible with Windows PCs and the Sony Playstation 4 and 5 – but for this it must be connected to a steering wheel base that has a Sony license. Fanatec has not yet announced the price for the BMW Motorsport steering wheel. Deceptively real-looking steering wheels from other car manufacturers can cost 650 euros from the game hardware developers, and the steering wheel base, which costs 1,500 euros in the best version, must be added for PC users.


Racing simulation? That sounds far too highfalutin – these are computer games.

Computer game? That sounds far too profane – these are racing simulations.


If you like to drive a BMW M4 GT3 in racing simulations on the Playstation or PC, the real BMW Motorsport steering wheel is almost a must – you can’t get more real than real.

However, if you also sometimes drive one or the other make of another manufacturer across the screen, you should perhaps look around for a brand-neutral steering wheel – not only Porsches and Ferraris look a bit silly with another brand’s steering wheel. Although not the real thing, but at least deceptively real steering wheels from these manufacturers are also available from Fanatec.

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