Brits announce Porsche-inspired e-car


The Watt Electric Vehicle Company is currently fine-tuning an electric car that looks a lot like the Porsche 356 A from 1956. The British company is developing its WEV Coupé on the basis of a specially designed platform called PACES.

If the rounded body lines of this new mobile already look familiar to anyone: Don’t worry, your senses are not deceiving you in this case. Nevertheless, this is not a famous classic, but an electric car study by the Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEV): the WEV Coupé. And the British manufacturer based its design on none other than the 1956 Porsche 356 A.

For the design of the WEV Coupé, the British manufacturer was inspired by the Porsche 356 A from 1956.

The WEV homepage says the two-seater sports car is inspired by this Porsche and closely resembles it, “albeit with many changes to the exterior and interior surfaces.” Reading below: A brief statement that neither the company itself nor its products have any connection to Porsche. WEV obviously wants to anticipate any rights discussions in this way.

Emory Motorsport Porsche 356 His Hers Outlaw

The British manufacturer took it as a model for the design of the WEV Coupé: the Porsche 356.

Self-built chassis

The car runs purely on electricity and is said to be the first model on the so-called PACES platform (Passenger and Commercial EV Skateboard). As the name suggests, this is a skateboard chassis concept that WEV has devised independently and specifically for small series production. The company says it wants to use the platform to drive electrification for niche models. From sports cars to buses, and regardless of whether it is front- or rear-wheel drive – according to WEV, the aluminum composite structure can be used and scaled for a wide variety of segments, and is also cost-effective and weight-saving.


With the PACES platform, the company aims to drive electrification in the niche vehicle sector. The model debutant is the WEV Coupé.

WEV attests to the Coupé’s driving dynamics

So far, WEV has also been economical in providing technical details about the WEV Coupé. What the manufacturer does reveal on its website is that the car uses a 40 kWh battery for energy storage. It is supposed to provide enough power for 230 miles, or 370 kilometers of range (WLTP). The electric motor is mounted at the rear and is available in two different power levels. According to the company, a 50:50 weight distribution gives the 1000-kilogram sports car stable handling. The wheels are suspended from double wishbones. The manufacturer describes its Porsche twin as a driver’s car and promises carefully crafted handling characteristics.

WEV says it will reveal more information in the coming weeks.


Yes, the cars look confusingly similar.

No, this looks more like a poor copy to me.


The Watt Electric Vehicle Company has an exciting project going on. How exciting? It’s hard to say, especially since the company has only revealed a few specifications and no price so far. The WEV Coupé is certainly chic. Whether you see it as an insult to the majesty of the Porsche 356 A is up to you.

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