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In the world Duster under the brand Dacia debuted in 2010, but reached us for two long years. Don’t think the French were sitting idly by: it took them a while to lay the foundation for a future spectacular success. As a result, in the first incomplete year of sales Duster immediately entered the top 20 most popular models, and the next year he swelled all his elbows and climbed into the top 5. Since then, it has never left the top ten most popular cars in the country. In good years, sales volumes were the maximum – 75-85 thousand. After the crisis in 2014, the figures fell to 40-45 thousand, but remained surprisingly stable. So, the secondary market by the model is, of course, extensive: there are about 3 thousand cars on sale all over the country. How much do they cost?


On what mileage should we expect?

Given that the Duster is still on sale, you can clearly track the dynamics of the mileage from the earliest age of cars. And already the first glance at the freshest cars shows curious results. Let us remind you that we take the estimated annual mileage of 15 thousand kilometers – this is the average value between the annual performance in a large city and in the province. But despite the fact that Duster is mostly registered in the regions rather than in megacities, the mileage of cars is still solid.


Rare annual cars, 40% of which have covered more than 25 thousand kilometers at an estimated rate of 30, we will not take seriously: we will write on a scarce sample. By the age of three, the share of “exceeding” also remains large: almost 50%, but the calculated and real mileage indicators are borderline (45 and 50 thousand kilometers), so it can be partly attributed to an error. But the fact that 40% of cars in 2016 have passed more than 75 thousand with the estimated number of 60, it is already nothing to write off. By the age of 5 years, almost 30% of crossovers exceeded the six-digit mark of mileage, exceeding the theoretical data. But the more real look on the odometer these cherished hundred thousand, the less cars of this mark reach.


So, for six-year-old Dusters with calculated mileage of 90 thousand, the share of “exceeding” is only one third, and among seven-year-old cars, which exactly must overcome the psychological threshold of one hundred thousand, in reality such supposedly half! And the oldest copies of 2012 only confirm the sellers’ love for beautiful mileage up to 100 thousand: with the rated mileage of 120 thousand almost half of the cars are still young. If we translate it into a simple Russian, we can say simply: the mileage is seriously twisted at every second Duster, and even “little things” – 9 cars out of 10.

So why sellers so brazenly and shamelessly wrap up the mileage before selling? Well, first of all, it is banal because it is elementary to do it on Dusters. And secondly, it is also because the technical simplicity and decent service life of the main components allows to embellish the state of the car – it will not break immediately after the sale, even if the mileage is twisted in one and a half or even twice. Let’s briefly recall what Duster is in general in terms of technology and whether it is possible to “get” here for expensive repair.

What to pay attention to when buying

Despite the budget and simplicity of the model, the search does not promise to be too easy. For example, the body suffers from the budget. The paintwork is not bad, considering the class of the car, but the chips are poorly resisted. The areas that are particularly exposed to the environment are the inner edges of the wide arches, the front parts of the thresholds, as well as the outer sides of the rear fenders and back doors, where sand and stones from under the front wheels fly. Of course, the hood and the windshield frame are also in the risk zone and are often already repainted. On the fifth door, corrosion can traditionally develop under the plastic molding – it is better to check this area in advance to get a partial paint finish. But in the case of Duster, the bottom inspection is perhaps as important as the body inspection: it is better to immediately sift out the cars that were driven off the road. Cheap four-wheel drive crossover often became a “substitute for oazika” or just a target for experiments, which usually have to pay for the following owners. So the stripped spars and bottom, dirt in the cavities and damaged parts such as the exhaust tract – a reason to seriously consider not buying.


Once again, we would like to remind you that the design of the rear suspension at Duster differs depending on the type of drive: front-drive machines have a conventional twisted beam, while all-wheel-drive machines have a multilever. There is no need to be afraid of the latter – it is a little more expensive to maintain, and riding on bad roads with full load is equally disliked and silent blocks and springs with shock absorbers. Suspension in general is unlikely to be an excuse to refuse to buy, everything here is so cheap that the main thing is not to get carried away. And even many original components are cheap, and even the prices for substitutes are sometimes quite indecent. True, the quality too. With the steering (it is here with power steering) and brakes is still easy and just as inexpensive. Although the sour calipers, cracked hoses and shredded disks are not so much a potential investment, as a reason to doubt the adequacy of the owner: if he saves on brakes, what can be with the engine …

If you want to get a four-wheel drive Duster, lay down the money and time to check the electromagnetic coupling of the rear axle connection, including its poorly covered control electrics, the state of oil in the rear gearbox and dispenser, as well as cardan play. Repair, of course, mastered, and folk – with the selection of cardan crosses and suspended bearings from other machines, and the bulkhead of the clutch is also possible, but the dirty oil and play should lead to thoughts about poor maintenance and reducing the residual life.

Transmission variants are also known to everyone: two mechanics (6-speed TL8 on all-wheel drive and 5-speed JR5 on front drive) and one automatic (four-speed AL4 – DP2 on front drive machines and DP8 on all-wheel drive machines).  With manual transmissions there are few potential problems – again, thanks to the manufacturers of non-original components that offer cheap clutch kits. The only trick is on a diesel engine: a two-mass flywheel for the run of 120-150 thousand will make you pay for a solid 25-30 thousand rubles. Otherwise, the only thing that can cause doubts is the obvious noise in motion or wear and tear of synchronizers, which will hint at the mileage far beyond 200 thousand kilometers. Well, the French automatons are too old to say anything new about them. The key to longevity for them is frequent oil change (once in 30-40 thousand – ideal), additional cooling and gentle operation. Under such conditions, the box can pass 200-250 thousand, and if everything is the opposite, it may not survive up to 100. Good, the repair is simple and not very expensive.

The motor range of Duster has undergone a change only once: at restyling in 2015, when the base 102 hp engine K4M gave way to a 16-valve H4M with 114 hp. The older two-liter F4R and 1.5-liter turbo diesel K9K all these years remained constant companions of the model. In fact, you can choose the engine according to your budget and needs: all of them are simple and quite problem-free. A small difference can be observed in the cost of maintenance – for example, the 1.6-liter chain motor has a timing belt, while the two-liter motor has a slightly cheaper belt replacement. But against the general background, these are the nuances – more importantly, the 1.6-liter motor cannot be combined with an AC motor. Diesel, of course, is more expensive to maintain when running more than 120-150 thousand: here and the HFI for 40 thousand, and injectors for 15-20, so the diagnosis should be more thorough. However, I repeat, there are not so many chances that the engine will be frankly unlucky. And to confirm the theory in practice, I suggest looking at a few Duster, with which we at Automama have dealt personally.

What look good and bad options

The first example for today is a good but controversial variant: this is the case with budget machines, and Duster is a clear example. We met last year: a customer came to our office himself to exchange his Renault Duster 2014 for our SsangYong Kyron 2011. The car looked very dignified, so we quickly discussed the details and started the inspection.

Examination of the crossover expert confirmed that the appearance was a sign of really good safety. The body was in very good condition, moreover, there was not a single repainted element on it. The interior was fully consistent with the appearance – from the defects, we can only mention the absence of one duct plug on the front panel. Well, the test drive also did not present any surprises: the simple Duster technique did not pump up. But something was still not perfect.

Buying Guide Renault Duster

Some might assume that this is a mileage. It was really not small – 152 thousand kilometers, but this is not a sentence for such a car. Much more depressing was the most basic equipment: a motor for 1.6 liters, front drive, black unpainted bumpers and, of course, the lack of air conditioning. We understood perfectly well that it would be very difficult to sell a car in such a set. However, all the above mentioned disadvantages were compensated by the really good condition of the car, so after a few doubts, we decided and went with the client for a comprehensive diagnostics.

The diagnostics revealed absolutely no problems, except for worn brake disks – it was a great result for a five-year-old car. It strengthened our confidence in the purchase, so the deal took place on the same day, and Duster went to replace the discs and complete pre-sale preparation. True, our predictions on the complexity of the sale also came true to the full extent: the car got a new owner only this year. That is why the “empty” Duster is a controversial car for sale.

For contrast – a slightly more recent example. Another customer contacted us in mid-December last year, offering his Duster 2017 release. The seller was the owner, and the only one. The car was equipped with a diesel engine, hinting at a decent kit. However, mileage here, too, is not a gift: 70 thousand is not so little for a three-year-old car, though not so much for Duster. In general, we have no doubt started the inspection.

During the inspection, our expert did not find any body defects except for minor chips and scratches: the crossover was in its native paint. It was already a success, so we made a short test drive, agreed on a preliminary price with the client and went for a comprehensive diagnostics. According to its results, the list of recommendations included replacement of stands and bushings stabilizer and the right steering rod.

Such trifles can not convince anyone about the purchase, so on the same day we purchased the car and sent it for the recommended repair and complete pre-sale preparation. And the contrast here is the sales period: Duster came to us in mid-December and left us on the last day of the year. That is, considering the time for preparation and repair, it took less than two weeks to find a new owner.

And for dessert – another contrasting example, and already relatively recent. In mid-summer this year, our expert in Moscow went to inspect the next Renault Duster. Introductory were favorable: 2014 release year, 93 thousand miles of mileage, 1.6 motor and four-wheel drive. In addition, the seller said by phone that he is the owner, and the car is in excellent condition. In general, we just had to check the truthfulness of all these facts.

At first glance, the car did not cause much suspicion. And indeed, the condition of the body was quite decent: the three repainted elements still could not be considered critical defects. But the inspection of the interior has already provoked suspicions: the steering wheel and the control lever were repaired, and in general the interior did not look on the declared mileage of 93 thousand. Finally, the fact that the seller was not the owner, but bought a car for resale dispelled the suspicions: the mileage, as we remember, is corrected on Duster elementary. Actually, the inspection could have been completed, but we decided to confirm our suspicions.

Checking the databases crossover in this case helped: we quickly established that just a couple of months ago the mileage was more than twice as high – 220 thousand kilometers! Of course, for Duster with proper care and such an indicator can not be considered fatal, but retail standards Automama do not allow you to sell a seven-year-old car with such high mileage, and even coiled. So we offered the customer to use our express auctions, which of course he refused, because he understood perfectly well what price will be offered for his car in view of our discoveries. And we will remind you once again: be careful and pay attention to important details such as the steering wheel, gearbox lever and pedals. With a small declared mileage there is no need to change or overshadow them, so their “refreshed” appearance is a clear sign that you want to mislead and hide the real mileage of the car.

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