Cars with no roof at all: Speedsters – The best ways to mess up your hair from McLaren, Jaguar, Ferrari and more

McLaren Elva

Although the Elva speedster was announced back in November, journalists have only recently and very selectively started to let to it. No wonder – will build only 399 of these cars, and the price of each of them will exceed the mark of 1.7 million euros (118.8 million rubles). In fact, Elva is “roofless” McLaren Senna, all the sophisticated aerodynamics disguised in the body contours and included in the Air Active Management System (AAMS) – including the retractable deflector, cutting off the flow of air from the faces of passengers. The engine is a traditional for the latest McLaren 4-liter V8, which in the case of the Elva develops 815 horsepower. With it, the speedster reaches the first hundred kilometers per hour in less than 3 seconds, and the second in 6.7.

Ferrari Monza SP

If on the stages of Formula 1, cars McLaren and Ferrari now play in different weight categories (but McLaren is slowly catching up, that can not but rejoice), in the market of supercars fight is equal. And Monza SP is exactly the car that will make life difficult for Elva. Since Monza SP uses 812 Superfast model as a base, it has traditional for speedsters and barquets front-engine scheme. Thus, acceleration up to 200 km/h in Monza takes 7,9 seconds. The model’s production run will be slightly larger than that of the McLaren (499 copies against 399), but the price is also less – $1.7 million.

Jaguar F-Type Project 7

Another “roofless” roadster from Great Britain, created with an eye on the winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Project 7 is a modern reading of the racing Jaguar D-Type, but it, unlike its legendary ancestor, does not participate in daily marathons – it seems that the status of the most powerful open-top Jaguar is enough. The Project 7 accelerates from a standing start to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 3.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 300 km/h – thanks to a 5-litre V8 with compressor, which produces 575 horsepower. There are only 250 Project 7s around the world, and they are not cheap – a car in “slightly used” condition will cost about 180,000 euros.

Morgan 3-Wheeler

The present 3-Wheeler is a remake of the century-old model, but already with modern components: there is V-twin engine from Harley Davidson and five-speed manual gearbox from Mazda MX-5… Even heated seats are available – but as an option. In some countries (for example, the USA), the 3-Wheeler is certified not as a car, but as a motorcycle, but it would be a crime not to add it to this list – how many cars can drift with only rear wheel? Prices for this “roofless” pleasure in the UK start from 39.5 thousand pounds.

Zenos E10

Like most radical doorless spyders, the Zenos E10 was born in the UK to spin off on racetracks, suburban tracks and the “unlimited” Isle of Man. Alas, its lifespan, as with the Veritas, was short-lived: the intricate aluminum construction proved not rigid enough, and the Ford Ecoboost four-cylinder engine was not powerful enough, which put an end to its popularity among car enthusiasts. Perhaps the E10 could have been saved by a nice price, but £30,000 for a basic car from an unknown brand is too much.

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