Classic with electric drive


Car manufacturer RBW EV Classic Cars from Midlands presents the pre-production model of its electric classic roadster.

A manufacturer of modern electric cars in a classic look is RBW EV Classic Cars from Midlands in Great Britain. And exactly this manufacturer is now showing a new pre-production model of a roadster limited to 30 units. Production will start at the beginning of 2021 at prices starting at 100,000 euros plus tax – when ordering, the customer must pay a deposit of 5,500 euros.

Inspired by the MGB Roadster of the 1960s, the RBW EV Roadster, available in 14 different colors, looks like a typical classic car with a soft top or, if desired, a hardtop. Sporty and well preserved, but old at first sight. However, this model is only due to its classic design. Because under the curved fairing it is more modern than most other road users.

The classic-looking Stromer are handmade

Up to 380 kilometers range

The engineers placed the 70 kW electric motor at the rear of the car and the six lithium-ion batteries (up to eight as optional extras) under the hood. This should result in a perfectly balanced weight distribution of the 129 km/h fast roadster. The sprint to 100 km/h takes just under nine seconds and its range is between 260 and 380 kilometers depending on the number of batteries.

Managing Director Peter Swain explains: “Even more exciting for us is that the RBW system and architecture can be built into other bodies such as Austin Healey, Jaguar E-Type, Mini and many more. Each car can be built to the customer’s personal specifications and requirements. The possibilities are endless and thus secure the future of the classic car”.

RBW EV Roadster

The RBW EV Roadster is available in five different interior colors.

Seven inch infotainment screen

In addition to the patented drive system, the RBW Roadster has a tailor-made front and rear suspension. All installed parts and components are new. In addition, there is an optimization of the noise vibration severity, which results from the replacement of a combustion engine by an electric drive train.

The leather interior (five colors to choose from) features a multi-function dashboard in the classic round instrument style, but also features digital displays. A seven-inch multi-touch screen is available for infotainment. It has an HDMI input for mirroring smartphones, an SD card input and two USB inputs as well as gold-plated RCA connectors for the highest possible audio quality.


From Great Britain, a small fleet of e-roadsters, consisting of 30 stylish RBW Classic Cars, is rolling onto the roads. With their range of up to 380 kilometers and classic design, they certainly have what it takes to become a sporty second car. Only the price of at least 100,000 euros may stand in the way.

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