Comfort on the rails: 6 of the most unusual and memorable trains in history

There are a huge number of trains running around the world, though most of them are unique in design or exceptional in service. And yet history has known such trains that left a distinctive mark with their striking appearance or unusual history. Here are the “top ten” most unusual and memorable trains in history.

1 Orient Express (France)

It’s hard to imagine a more famous train than the Orient Express, which became a symbol of the last century. Respectable train first went on the route “Paris-Constantinople” back in 1883, and to this day it continues to run. Celebrities such as Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and the writer Agatha Christie added to its popularity. And with its comfort and wealth, the legendary train can give shape to many modern

2 The Glacier Express (Switzerland)

The Swiss train will not stand out for its luxurious interior, because its main advantage is the best panorama on the planet. The train passes through the whole territory of Switzerland, including the most picturesque gorges and mountains, allowing as close and full view of the Alpine mountains as possible, moreover, that even a mountain pass at an altitude of two kilometers becomes part of the way. The trip takes about 8 hours, because the route is not easy. Trip on the best panoramic train in the world will cost about 10 thousand rubles.

3 “AeroTrain #02” (France)

A little-known but very entertaining concept of a monorail supersonic train moving on a cushion of air developed in France. Besides its interesting appearance, it was also powered by a Pratt & Whitney JT12 jet engine. After testing it let on the rails, though not for a long time, but it set a record, reaching in January 1969 at a speed of 422 km / h. Although the concept did not spread, its development, oddly enough, helped to create mufflers for supersonic aircraft Concorde.

4 Mobile Showroom (Japan)

Japan has a lot of interesting trains. The most striking example in every sense is a commuter train decorated in the style of IKEA. It was the initiative of the company, which decorated the train with its design furniture. All passengers of the train called Mobile Showroom note its comfort, coziness and unusual design.

5 Casino on Rails (USA)

On the American continent, they managed to put a casino on rails. Thus, the passengers of this train, once inside, have the opportunity to choose slot machines or tables with croupiers. Actually, so there is nothing surprising that this railroad transport takes gambling fans to the heart of such activities – Las Vegas.

6 “Versailles Palace on Wheels” (France)

And in France they decided to introduce passengers to art even before they arrive at museums or castles. So, on the way from Paris to Versailles there is a train famous for its interior, which shows exact copies of sculptures, paintings and frescoes from the former residence of French kings. Now anyone can get acquainted with the reproductions without an additional visit to the Palace of Versailles – just take the suburban train.

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