“Five” driving mistakes that ruin manual transmissions

Repairing a transmission in a car is one of the most expensive and problematic operations. The main problem is that very often the wear and tear of the gearbox is accelerated by the motorists themselves. In most cases, the drivers do not even realize that their actions damage their favorite “swallow”. What should be avoided?

  1. Untimely downshifting

Keeping track of the engine speed and timely switching gears is not as simple as it seems at first glance. This is the reason why automatic transmissions are so popular today. Practice shows that the correctness of raising the gear comes with the set of experience, but in time to lower the gears often do not know how to drive drivers who are not the first year behind the wheel.

  1. Reverse without stopping

The structure of the manual transmission is such that the transition to reverse gear should be carried out only after the full stop of the vehicle. The manual transmission lacks any synchronizers capable of ensuring smoothness when engaging reverse. Any attempt to violate the above rule will only result in a bump in the box.

  1. stopping on the clutch

Frequent gearshifting, especially in dense traffic, quickly bores the driver. There is a temptation to free oneself from unnecessary shifts and to wait for a short stop with the clutch depressed. However, it is important to remember that the longer the clutch is disengaged, the faster it wears out because of the heavy load.

  1. Don’t squeeze the clutch all the way out

It is strictly forbidden to press the clutch halfway. Slipping of discs does not promise anything good for a gearbox and leads only to the accelerated wear of the whole clutch. At the same time, do not forget that depressing the clutch pedal should not be too long.

  1. Shocks

There is no need to even try to shift by force. Such an approach will never do any good. In general, sudden movements are contraindicated when shifting. It also concerns the habit of some drivers to “throw” the clutch, to release the pedal abruptly and thus increase the pressure on the gearbox many times.

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