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Is it worth buying a Volvo S40 II?

  Traditionally, we consider Finnish and Swedish manufacturers to be the main specialists in winter tires. Indeed, who cares if they don’t know what they need in the conditions of real winter, and not that misunderstanding which is considered as winter in central Europe! Surprisingly, however, Japanese brands have accumulated ...
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Is it worth buying Ford EcoSport

  It must be admitted that the market experience of EcoSport was still greater than that of Opel Mokka: if the “German” came to us in 2012 and left already in 2015, then Ford debuted in 2014, at the end of the same year was localized and remained on the ...
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Citroen C4 Picasso review

Technique Technically, the C4 Picasso is the first generation of the “conventional” Citroen C4, it is also based on the PSA PF2 platform, although the motor range of the van is different from the compact hatch: the car is heavier, so more traction units were needed. The drive here is ...
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Crossley, Foden, Standard and others: unknown British military vehicles of World War II

  In the mid-1930s, in order to save money, the British War Office sent out unified technical requirements to different automotive companies, which led to the emergence of the same first-generation machines with the same parameters and similar appearance, differing only in their own units. Their development continued for a ...
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Do not braze wiring in the car. Or is it still possible?

  The easiest way to collect clicks is to draw attention to some very simple, ordinary and ordinary thing, playing it in the “yellow” style. Pseudo sensations and “exposing” tricks are born from the most common things, and the car theme was no exception. The mass of car bloggers “open ...
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